In Motion

It takes a team to make your best yoga pants:

Esme Bolych

Owner-president, was born in yoga pants.

Carl Brooks

Creative director, loves wine and hates broccoli.

Jim Chow

Marketing manager, simply a genius that happens to share with us his love for yoga pants

Anita Williams 

HR manager, the kindest and friendliest person you can imagine 

Joanna Stephens 

Operations manager, hardworking creative nerd

Mag Baker

Accounting manager, the one who manages the purse strings here. 

Have you ever had a pair of pants that you felt so comfortable

in and you would never want to get rid of? If yes, it might be just

your luck but with us, you never have to worry where to find them

again. Every single member of our team does their best to

know what you are looking for.

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