“Life changes and Furniture rearranges”

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At Lakdi Studio, we offer a comprehensive range of sustainable furniture that supports a broad array of attributes. With the latest trends in design, the best materials and curated collections; our team can help you decide which quality you want to prioritize at the time of purchase, which is often influenced by the needs and requirements of the clients.
Our core belief is that a well-executed concept results in a timeless piece of furniture which can never go out of style. With this in mind, we have found thousand high range of inspirational examples of furniture designs which is exclusively available in our studio.
Our Expert team offers the best quality products to our customers. We go through the entire process of material sampling. Our design experts will be glad to assist you about the various materials like veneer, leather etc as well as finishes and colours in choosing the right one for your functional requirements and creating a statement.
With a history of craftsmanship. Lakdi’s past and future prospects have drawn to this place a people with an eye for detail and a hand for hard work, a passion for making something of themselves and of the future to be fulfilled accurately and efficiently with strong machineries and highly skilled labourers.
Our Team will provide you guidelines and usage to maintain the sustainability, finish, quality of our products. We intend to inform you every single detail for regular care and maintenance which leads to superior performance and satisfaction of the products offered by us.
Our products are designed to be assembled by you so that our customers can curb unnecessary expenditure. We deliver products at your doorsteps and our skilful team assist you in assembling and installing the products. Our Services can save your some time, money and energy.

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