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Wooden and PP

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Seat Height (IN)
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Pp and Wooden
Orange, White,
Yellow Green Black
  • Care Instruction
  • Warranty
  • FAQ
  • Return & Cancellation
Product Care Instructions 

Do’s • Use microfiber cloth for cleaning and regularly wipe down furniture to avoid clumping of dust and debris. 

• Dampen cloth to clean stubborn dust. 

• Clean spills quickly with a dry cloth. 

• Do Dust and Vacuum Leather Furniture. 

• Soak up the stain with a white cloth by blotting {Don’t Rub}. 

• Spot clean with {Distilled} water and a white cloth. 

• Use a mild soap with the water. 

• Use upholstery cleaning products with stiff upholstery brush. 

• Dry clean or machine wash on cold and hang to dry the couch covers. 

• Treat your wood furniture with a silicone-free cleaner or polish. 

Don’ts • Don’t keep your furniture in direct sunlight, excessive moisture or extreme temperatures 

• Don’t scrap the products with any sharp edge objects. 

• Don’t put hot objects or cold drinks directly on top of your furniture. 

• Don’t use Pledge on wood furniture. 

• Don’t push the furniture against the wall. 

• Don’t use harsh brushes. 

• While cleaning spills don’t spread it by wiping; instead use a dry sponge or cloth to soak the liquid. 

• Don’t use any sort of glue or adhesive thinner or any other chemical component for cleaning. 

• Don’t let water soak into the leather. 

• Don’t ignore product care instructions.


• Once you receive the product; please check the product properly. For any product related issue or if the product was received damaged/defective in transit, feel free to contact us on the below mentioned details:- Lakdi-The Furniture Co. Toll Free/Help-Line Number - 8010134134 EMAIL ID: More Details...


• The product comes with 5 Years warranty from the date of supply and installation against all manufacturing defects 

• Any damage due to mishandling of product by the customer will not be covered under the warranty period. 

More Details...
Why us:- 

We design and build quality furniture to corporates, hospitality, residential, institutional, commercial projects in Pan India Level. 

• Legacy of three decades in the market. 

• Wide array of unique product selection. 

• Highly skilled professional and experienced Team. 

• 3 Stage QC Check. 

• On –Time Delivery 

• Lifetime Customer Support

Return and Refunds

How do I Cancel an item purchased on ?

Cancellation in Case of Damage: In case if you received a damaged or defective product, bring it in the notice of delivery personnel immediately at the time of delivery and report a complaint at customer care at

Damage & defect will be assessed in 72 hours’, and a solution will be provided. If in the opinion of, the product is broken, it may be returned/replaced, or any other corrective measure may be taken, as deemed appropriate by, to address the issue.

Cancellation in case of wrong product: If the product does not comply with the specifications as per your original order, raise the issue immediately & report it to support.

For more details, please get in touch with us on our customer care number or write to us at

Products purchased on discount or during sale can not be cancelled.

Return & Refund:

Product return period is 7 days from the day of delivery.

If you are eligible for any refund, the same shall be given to you as per the following guidelines:

All refunds process initiation shall be subject to pick up of all cancelled items from your/customer's premises.

In case return pickup is not available at given Pin code, customer has to self return the product and we will refund the courier charges max 20% of order amount.

Post receiving the products back to the warehouse, a refund shall be initiated within 2-3 days.

Refund will be initiated via NEFT, cash or by the way payment was originally made. For COD orders refund will be initiated in wallet which can be used to purchase any product on Depending on the orders, the processing charges might be deducted. All big furniture products are non-returnable and are only eligible for replacement in case of any damages or defects.


The product comes with a 5-year warranty which covers manufacturing defects, inherent termite and borer issues.

This limited warranty does not apply to:

  • Small cuts, scratches or damage during the cleaning process
  • Damaged caused by the incorrect installation of a product
  • Cracks during the random displacement
  • Product kept in contact to direct sunlight and water, resulting in decaying of wood
  • With time solid woods are encountered by minor cracks, called as checks, which are not included in faults and warranty as these checks do not hamper the life of a product.
  • As per the industry standards, unevenness up to 5 mm can happen because of the difference in surfaces and floor levels. In that case, there is not a warranty.


Our support and delivery team will be in coordination with you for a hassle-free installation process if it is included with the product.

Free delivery is only applicable for the very first attempt on a visit to your ship-to address. In case of a missed delivery, (from a customer)/ an extra visiting charge would be applicable for later installation.

Our delivery partner shall only deliver the product to the ground floor in the absence of a service lift in your apartment. (if applicable)

Extra charges applicable for weekend or specific time deliveries.

Once the order has reached your nearest delivery center and you fail to receive the products, we would hold the products for 10 days, after this time line, shall be free to charge for holding the products for longer.

Q. I am planning to remodel my home/office/room. Do I need an interior designer or an architect?

A. This is, in fact, the most common query that we come across. The job of an architect is to design the space that needs construction or remodeling. However, the job of the interior designing firm may include the remodeling blueprint, new space plans, reconfiguring space and adding new furniture or gadgets to space. It also includes planning the electric structure, interior finishes, etc. When you hire an interior designing firm, you get a team that has an architect

Q. I want to re-decorate my space. Can I just ask the in-store designer for tips?

A. Well, if you are planning just to redecorate to give it a new basic look, you can take tips from the in-store designer, but it is not a good choice for the long run. These in-store designers are mostly sales representatives with minimal knowledge about the structural requirements of the space. However, a trained interior designer have spent 3 to 4 years to get a degree in interior designing.

Q. I want to redesign the office/home. Do I need to spend a lot of time with the team?

A. We encourage the involvement of the owner of the property, but it is not required all the time. Our team of experts has a team leader who will take care of everything for you. All you need to do is to sit with the team and approve the plans and check the progress every once in a while. We also keep the owner updated with the help of photos and videos on a regular basis.

Q. What if I am not satisfied with the product or services that you have offered at the end of the project?

A. Our whole base is based on referrals from our previous clients. We make sure that every product matches the description and while taking services in the equation, we ensure that everything is discussed with the client at every step. You can stay assured that your satisfaction is our top priority

Q. I want to buy/redesign furniture for my Home / Hotels / Educational Institutes / Medical Institutes / Corporate houses. How can you help me in the project?

A. We have dedicated teams that can handle both private and public sector projects of any scale. After finalizing the requirements with the client, our designers make a blueprint of the space and then guide the craftsmen on how the project is going to move forward. The team leaders take care of every step and keep a log of the expenses which the client can check and discuss with the team at any time

Q. Do you accept clients outside your home location?

A. Our company has worked extensively in different parts of the country. We are open for the projects that are located even in the remote areas. As far as our products are concerned, we have tie-ups with the best transport companies in the country to ensure that every cargo is shipped and delivered in the best possible way at an affordable price

Q. What is your “delivered” price?

A. Getting a “delivered” price quote will let you know the cost of freight, delivery, taxes, assembly and installation.

Q. What is the warranty period and what exactly does it cover?

A. Things happen. But if an arm suddenly falls off a new chair, you want to be sure you’re covered. All furniture products are available with a one to five year warranty with select products offering lifetime guarantees. Speak to your GSB representative to learn more

Q. What kind of service and support do you offer after the sale?

A. We know things happen. Make sure you partner with someone who’s going to take care of you in the weeks and months after your delivery and installation are complete.

Q. Can you provide me any local references for previous work you’ve done?

A. Customer testimonials mean more than ever before (thanks, YELP) so talk to the people your supplier has done business with. Trust us, it’s reassuring.

Guide to Buying Furniture

Before buying furniture, you should know how to find the best match for your needs. Every piece of furniture has certain elements or features that determine whether or not it is a good fit.

There are some general rules that apply to all furniture purchases, but sometimes you have to consider more specific parameters. And let's face it, furniture is such an investment that understanding how and what to buy makes sense. Otherwise, the process can become confusing, intimidating and ultimately frustrating.

Some buying basics about different pieces of furniture can come in handy. Take a look below, and also consider these expert tips on how to buy furniture.

1) Before You Buy a Sofa

A sofa is one of the most important furniture purchases for your home, so before you buy a sofa make sure you are getting one that fits your needs.

A sofa that is perfect for your living room could be a terrible idea for your family room. First, figure out how you want to use your sofa and who will be using it. Determine whether your sofa is a good fit for your space and since there are sofas to fit any style of room, look for one that satisfies your own personal sense of style. The fabric you select for your sofa contributes immensely to its usability and beauty.

Just as when you buy any furniture, you should be confident that you are buying the best quality sofa for your budget, and that it offers you the comfort you need from it.

2) Before You Buy a Sleeper Sofa

A sleeper sofa is a great multifunctional piece of furniture with the potential to turn any room into a bedroom. You can fit a sleeper sofa in so many places - a child's room, an office or even an appropriately sized alcove.

Almost any sofa can be bought as a sleeper sofa, and sleeper sofas come in all sizes. If you only have room for a twin bed, find one in a chair. A slightly bigger room might be able to accommodate a full-size sleeper sofa, which could function as loveseat when not in use for sleeping. A sofa that seats three people easily can be transformed into a queen-sized bed.

Buy furniture that functions both as comfortable seating and a comfortable bed in any size, and what's more many sleeper sofas come with hidden storage.

3) Before You Buy a Futon

Futons started out as simple mattresses in Japan that could be rolled up and stored away during the day. Futons still retain that sense of flexibility, but the word "futon" in English now also alludes to the metal or wood frame that supports the mattress.

People outside of Japan usually don't roll up and put away the mattress pad, but we can choose from different sizes and styles that are only dictated by our needs and preferences. And we can always choose from different positions so that they can perform double duty as beds or seating.

4) Before You Buy an Office Chair

What should you look for before you buy an office chair? An office chair is a piece of furniture that is a sound investment for anyone who spends long hours at a desk.

Before you buy an office chair, check to see if the backrests, seat, and armrests are adjustable. You should be able to adjust the seat height and tilt of your office chair to your own preferences, and ideally, the seat should be comfortable enough to support you comfortably, while letting your body breathe. The most important feature to look for is good lumbar support, as an office chair with a good lumbar support lets your back stay in a position that is good for its spine health.

5) Before You Buy a Dining Chair

A dining room chair has to be stylish and comfortable. You don't just sit down to eat and then leave. Chances are you and your family spend a lot of time around the dining table doing different tasks such as homework, paying bills, or even sitting down and chatting.

The kind of dining chair you buy depends on many things such as the size of your room, how you use it, your style, etc.

6) Before You Buy a Coffee Table

Before you buy a coffee table you should ask some yourself how you want the table to function. While a coffee table often ends up being the focal point in a room, it does have other functions than simply looking good.

Also, since there is a great variety in materials, you should pick one that best fits your needs. For instance, you most likely don't want a glass coffee table when you have toddlers. You wouldn't want an easily destructible surface or finish either. Before you buy your coffee table, you also have to pick shape and size.

And there are always alternatives to conventional coffee tables, such as ottomans.

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