2 Seater Fabric Sofa with Wooden Legs

  • Product Dimensions: Length - 54 Inch, Width - 31.5 Inch, Height - 32.68 Inch, Seating Height - 16-18 Inch (Approx)
  • Product Weight:- 35 Kg Approx
  • Material: Fabric, Base: Wooden Legs, Polish: Wooden Polish
  • Features: Color: Grey/ Beige/ Blue/ Green, Style: Contemporary
  • Brand Promise: BIFMA Certified, 5 years Warranty, 3 Stage QC Check.
  • Installation and Care: The product requires Basic assembly.
  • Care: Avoid placing hot objects directly on any furniture surface. Always use a coaster or plate.

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54 Inch

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31.5 Inch

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32.68 Inch

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Modern And Comfortable

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Fabric, Wooden

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Product Care Instructions 


 • Use microfiber cloth for cleaning and regularly wipe down furniture to avoid clumping of dust and debris. 

• Dampen cloth to clean stubborn dust. 

• Clean spills quickly with a dry cloth. 

• Do Dust and Vacuum Leather Furniture. 

• Soak up the stain with a white cloth by blotting {Don’t Rub}. 

• Spot clean with {Distilled} water and a white cloth. 

• Use a mild soap with the water. 

• Use upholstery cleaning products with stiff upholstery brush. 

• Dry clean or machine wash on cold and hang to dry the couch covers. 

• Treat your wood furniture with a silicone-free cleaner or polish. 


• Don’t keep your furniture in direct sunlight, excessive moisture or extreme temperatures 

• Don’t scrap the products with any sharp edge objects. 

• Don’t put hot objects or cold drinks directly on top of your furniture. 

• Don’t use Pledge on wood furniture. 

• Don’t push the furniture against the wall. 

• Don’t use harsh brushes. 

• While cleaning spills don’t spread it by wiping; instead use a dry sponge or cloth to soak the liquid. 

• Don’t use any sort of glue or adhesive thinner or any other chemical component for cleaning. 

• Don’t let water soak into the leather. 

• Don’t ignore product care instructions.


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