Product Dimensions: 5x2.5 Ft

> Length - 59 Inch

> Width - 30 Inch

> Height - 30 Inch

> Seating Height -18 Inch Approx.

Product Dimensions: 7x2.5 Ft

> Length - 84 Inch

> Width - 30 inch

> Height - 30 Inch

> Seating Height -18 Inch Approx.

Product Weight:- 35-50 Kg Approx.

Material: Internal Structure made in Engineered Wood, Upholstery in PU Faux Leather Or Linen, 18mm Plyboard for Seat

Base: Metal Legs

Polish: Chrome Polish

Color: Beige/ Brown

Style: Modern & Contemporary

Brand Promise: BIFMA Certified, 5 years Warranty, 3 Stage QC Check.

Installation: The product requires Basic assembly.

Care Instructions:

> Wipe leather regularly with a soft, damp cloth to remove dust and maintain its luster.

> Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight to prevent fading and damage to the leather.

> Keep the chair away from heat sources and radiators to prevent drying and cracking.

> Use a mild leather conditioner periodically to moisturize and protect against wear.

> Quickly address spills with a dry, absorbent cloth to prevent stains and maintain the chair's appearance.

Disclaimer: Actual product color may vary slightly on screens due to display settings and variations.

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