6 Tips for Picking the Perfect Office Furniture for Your Space

Like anything you scan the internet for, if you’re on a quest to find new office furniture, you will be inundated with options for your office digs as soon as you hit enter for your search. With so many choices, styles, price ranges, and stores though, how are you supposed to narrow down your search? We’re going to help you with that today with tips for choosing the right office furniture for your space and style.

There are definitely things people who aren’t dealing with office furniture purchases and setup everyday don’t necessarily think about. My guess is there is at least one or two of the tips we have for you that haven’t crossed your mind while envisioning your new office furniture. So let’s take a gander at some things to consider making sure you pick the perfect office furniture for you!

1-Functionality- There are plenty of stylish looking desks, office chairs, and everything else you may need for your space out there, but if it’s not functional then that doesn’t really matter. The good news is you don’t have to give up style to make sure your office furniture is functional.

What qualifies as functional can mean different things for different people depending on what your needs are. Do you need unimpeded leg space under your desk to be able to stretch out? Or do you not need a ton of room under your desk, but you do need lots of storage space? Knowing the answers to these types of questions will help tremendously in planning out your office furniture purposes, and what functional means for you, because it’s not a one size fits all situation.

2-Storage- Since we just touched based on this with functionality, let’s delve a bit deeper into storage. Regardless of whether you need leg room or not, you still need to consider storage options. Just because you might be over 6 foot and need some extra leg space doesn’t mean you don’t need storage too!

If you don’t need a bunch of storage, or extra leg space, a desk with built in filing underneath could be a good functional piece for you. If you need leg space and lots of storage, opting for a desk and a credenza, or filing cabinet, may be a better option for you.

3-Style-Having furniture that is functional doesn’t mean you have to give up on the style you like. Whether you’re talking about desks, office chairs, filing systems or reception furniture you can suit your taste for traditional or contemporary, and still fulfill the needs you have for functionality.

Do searches for the type of furniture you like while keeping in mind how you also need it to work for you. You will get a better idea of the types of office furniture available that meets both things.

4-Picking an office chair- Much like with your desk search, picking the chair that is a good fit for you is important. How long do you sit in your office chair through the day? What height will the chair put you at in relation to your desk? Is that a comfortable height to be at to be able to do the typing, writing, or whatever else you may need to do? How much room do you need in between arm posts on your chair?

Chairs have ratings as to how long you can sit in them comfortably. If you tend to spend long hours at your desk, you absolutely want to take ratings into consideration when picking your office chair.

If the standard size chair isn’t comfortable for your body type, you may also want to consider something like the Express BIG High Back Executive. This chair is designed to hold weight over 300 lbs, has a high back, heavy duty base, and 22.5 inches between arm posts.

5-Measure you’re Space- There’s nothing worse than ordering furniture and discovering upon delivery that it’s too big for the space, doesn’t line up with the wall space, or the worst…doesn’t even fit through the door!

Taking time to measure out your office and how you want your desk or reception furniture to line up will save you lots of headaches. You can contact us if the layout is something you think you need some help with to make sure you get it right.

Positioning of your desk is also something to take into account when measuring your desk. If you’re in a closed office, most people prefer for their desk to be facing the doorway. Being able to make that happen may mean your desk measurements need to be slightly different to accommodate that.

6-Plan Ahead-Now this is one most people rarely take into consideration: planning ahead for what your office will be like. For example, if you only have a small number of staff you’re buying desks for, but anticipate growing your number of employees, you should think about that.

How much space do you have (you should know from your measurements)? Does the amount of space you have available allow adding enough desks to accommodate all of them? Or would it be smarter planning to go straight to workstations or cubicles knowing you intend to grow your staff? Knowing things like this ahead of time can help you reduce costs from your overall budget in the end.

These 6 tips will help tremendously in picking the perfect office furniture for your space. Of course sometimes there other factors to consider based on your specific needs and wants, but using these tips will have you on the right track. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or to schedule a time to come see our inventory.

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