About Us

WHO WE ARE – LAKDI The Furniture Co.

After almost 2 years of research and incubation out of a classroom at IIM Bangalore, LAKDI.com was founded on May 1, 2017, by Nikul Raj Gupta. The operations started on half a floor of leased space in New Delhi's furniture market with 3 teammates and 50 products available online. We also had 1 commercial project for an American Bank at the time of inception.

We have come a long way in the last 7 years, with over 5000 products live online and having delivered more than 18,000 products to over 11,000 happy customers across the country.

Additionally, we have successfully executed 350+ commercial and B2B furniture projects in the same time period.

Our operations have now grown to over 50,000 sq.ft. of office and warehousing space, with a growing team of 60 people at RIMS INDIA PVT LTD (Parent Company).

LAKDI is managed by a team of young but experienced professionals with skill sets ranging across the entire spectrum. Our team comprises architects, designers, engineers, carpenters, account managers, CRM and digital content specialists, production and quality personnel, packaging experts, finance professionals, logistics staff, and more. They work tirelessly 24/7/365 to ensure you enjoy a customized experience from LAKDI.

We support and work with 150+ ancillary furniture vendors in the MSME category, who, in turn, employ about 4000+ skilled workers. Our state-of-the-art production facilities and high-tech machinery enable us to custom-produce furniture of diverse designs and materials.

Quality - LAKDI is accredited by American Quality Standards, the BIFMA standard, and the Indian Standard Organisation (ISO) for Quality & Production processes.

  • 1. We hold ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 9001:2008 certifications, indicating our commitment to quality management systems. Additionally, we have obtained the BIFMA Certification, further attesting to our adherence to industry standards.
  • 2. To ensure the highest quality, we implement a 5-stage QC check, meticulously examining our products at various stages of production.
  • 3. Furthermore, we provide up to a 5-year warranty on our products, along with product lifetime support, demonstrating our dedication to customer satisfaction.

Environment - As a conscious brand, we are committed to environmental responsibility, and it is our constant endeavor to minimize our carbon footprint.

  • 1. 70 % of our products are made from recycled materials, and over 50% of our products are recyclable.
  • 2.We prioritize the use of 100% recyclable packaging materials.
  • 3.We have a strong adherence to ISO standards of environmental safety.
  • 4.We integrate practices in our processes, such as responsible sourcing of wood and responsible disposal, to further support our environmental initiatives.
  • 5.We hold ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards, further highlighting our commitment to environmental management and occupational health and safety.

Why Furniture? - Problems in the Furniture Industry

The furniture industry faces several challenges and problems that need to be addressed. Here are some of the key issues:

  1. 1. Quality Control:- Ensuring consistent quality across various furniture products is a common challenge. Maintaining high-quality standards throughout the manufacturing process is essential.

  2. 2. Design Innovation:- With evolving customer preferences and design trends, there is a need for continuous design innovation to offer unique and attractive furniture options to consumers.

  3. 3. Sustainability and Environmental Impact:- The furniture industry has a significant environmental impact due to the use of materials, production processes, and waste generation. Promoting sustainable practices, such as using eco-friendly materials and reducing waste, is crucial.

  4. 4. Supply Chain Management:- Managing the complex supply chain, including sourcing raw materials, production, distribution, and logistics, requires efficient coordination and timely delivery.

  5. 5. Cost Control:- Balancing cost-effectiveness while maintaining quality standards is a constant challenge. The industry needs to find ways to optimize costs without compromising on product quality.

  6. 6. Consumer Education:- Educating consumers about the importance of buying sustainable, durable, and well-crafted furniture is essential. Many customers may not be aware of the long-term benefits of investing in high-quality furniture.

  7. 7. Technological Advancements:- Embracing technology, such as using advanced manufacturing techniques and digital tools for design and production, can streamline processes and improve efficiency.

  8. 8. Changing Consumer Demands:- Understanding and adapting to changing consumer preferences, such as the shift towards online shopping and customized furniture options, is crucial for sustained growth.

  9. 9. Market Competition:- The furniture industry is highly competitive, with numerous players vying for market share. Differentiating through unique offerings, superior customer service, and effective marketing strategies is essential.

  10. 10. Workforce Skills and Training:- Developing and retaining skilled professionals, including designers, craftsmen, and production personnel, is vital to meet the industry's demands and maintain quality standards.


Our aim at LAKDI is to offer the largest range of high-quality furniture and designs from India and around the globe. We specialize in custom manufacturing while ensuring standardized quality, cost-effectiveness, and committed timelines. All our offerings are seamlessly integrated with new-age technology.

Furniture vis-à-vis technology

As a new-age company, LAKDI recognizes the value of technology and its disruptive impact on every industry. We are dedicated to tirelessly integrating multiple technologies with furniture, which we refer to as "Furni-tech."

  • Encompassing Artificial Intelligence in our custom-built high-tech ERP, we aim to better understand our consumers.
  • We have established virtual reality experience studios and implemented 3D product mapping to aid design planning and provide real-life visualization.
  • We leverage augmented reality to enable virtual product placement, thus enabling visualization of product integration.
  • We offer web and mobile e-commerce platforms for seamless online shopping experiences.

Smart furniture products

The world is embracing the concept of "Smart." This disruption is evident in both our workspaces and personal spaces, with the introduction of smart gadgets, appliances, and other applications. Our lifestyle is increasingly connected, both to ourselves and to others.

With our tech-savvy users at the center of our focus, LAKDI is dedicated to researching and developing a world-class range of SMART furniture that is future-ready. We achieve this by integrating technology with furniture, offering connected furniture options, smart power and connectivity accessories, as well as furniture user health and lifestyle monitoring capabilities.

About Us

  1. Occupancy services & turnkey project management
  2. Trusted project partners for leading corporates, hotels, institutes & Govt. projects.
  3. State-of-the-art-manufacturing facilities.
  4. Multinational supply chain operations.
  5. Online retail.
  1. BIFMA – International Quality Standard.
  2. ISO 9001: 2015-Quality Management System
  3. ISO 14001: 2015 – Environment Management System.
  4. OHSAS – 18001: 2017 Certified.
  5. MSME and NSIC Registered.
  6. Membership Bodies – IIID and IGBC
  7. Recognized Start-up by Govt. of India.
  1. Over 100,000 happy customers.
  2. 150,000+ products delivered & 120+ projects.
  3. Skilled furniture designers, design engineers & interior specialists.
  4. Robust IT support.
  5. Professional & experienced CRM

Our Products

  1. Global designs from Italy, Japan, France, Korea, Malaysia, China, USA & Sweden.
  2. Strong focus on product design & built quality.
  3. 3D Renders.
  4. Onsite project overview & product assistance.
  1. Genuine Quality Promise
  2. 5 Years Products Warranty against manufacturing defects
  3. Lifetime product support
  4. 5-45 Days installation Guarantee
  1. Custom-Built products.
  2. Products made from recycled and recyclable materials.
  3. Environment health & safety certified raw materials.
  4. Registered ‘MAKE IN INDIA’ furniture manufacturers.

Our Services

  1. 5 stage ‘Quality-Check’ from raw material to dispatch.
  2. 3 – layer packaging.
  3. On – time delivery promise.
  4. Delivery to 23,000+ pin code areas in India.
  5. Expert installation.
  1. Genuine Quality Promise
  2. 5 Years Products Warranty against manufacturing defects
  3. Lifetime product support
  4. 5-45 Days installation Guarantee
  1. Space planning.
  2. Genuine quality promise & 5 year product warranty against manufacturing defects.
  3. Lifetime product support.
  4. 5-45 Days projects delivery & installation guarantee.

Membership Bodies & Certification