1. We at Lakdi extend full manufacturer’s warranty on all our products purchased from us for a period of 5 (five) years from the date of purchase (invoice date) in accordance with our guidelines and based on normal usage against manufacturing defects to the original buyer at the original delivery address.

2. We endeavor to ensure that the product(s) we deliver are always in good order and condition without any defects attributable to the manufacturing of the product.

In case of any defects in our products, we endeavor to resolve the same at the earliest, causing the least amount of inconvenience to our customers.

3. We require the customer(s) to inspect the product(s) upon delivery. If upon delivery the customer finds that the product(s) delivered has manufacturing defects or is totally different from the product ordered. The customer should immediately within 10 days communicate with us for processing of a replacement.

4. The Lakdi’s Return Policy is applicable only for 10 days from receipt of the product(s) and is applicable only if the products are damaged or if there are any manufacturing defects in case of delivery of in-correct product.

5. Any return requests made after 10 days from the receipt of the product shall not be entertained by Lakdi in any case whatsoever.

6. Any request for return, refund shall be first assessed by Lakdi basis the information, images, videos, details shared by the customer and the approval/rejection of that request shall be communicated to customer within 7 days of the receipt of the request.

7. The manufacturer’s warranty shall not cover the damages to any product which are due to:

8. Nominal amount of wear and tear that occurs over a period of time.

Negligence, abuse, accident or misuse of the product.

1. Failure to apply, install or maintain products according to Lakdi’s written instructions and warnings.

2. Modifications, alterations, attachments or repair by third party or customer itself.

3. Damage caused by a carrier in transit, delivery, installation contractors.

4. Products exposure to extreme hot or cold temperatures or excessively dry or humid environments.

5. Damage by markings or staining; damage by sharp objects or imprinting from instruments.

6. The manufacturer’s warranty does not cover the costs of transportation or labor. Any repair or replacement of the product shall be at Lakdi’s sole discretion.

7. The Manufacturer shall also not cover any damages to the upholstery where the fabrics used on the manufacturers products are C.O.M (Customers own materials) or C.O.L (Customers own leather). 

8. During the period of manufacturer’s warranty if required our authorized service personnel shall inspect the product and will repair, replace the product at his sole discretion. The repair or replacement of defective goods constitutes Lakdi’s entire obligation. If we are unable to resolve the problem we will apprise you of an alternate resolution decided by Lakdi

9. The length of the warranty for the repaired or replaced product shall be equal to the remaining length of the warranty of the product originally purchased. There shall be no other warranties either expressed or implied. 

10. Because of the custom nature of our products, identical materials may not always be available at the time of repair or replacement. In such cases, manufacturer reserves the right to substitute such material(s) with the material of equal quality.

11. This Warranty applies only to the original customer of the furniture in whose name the invoice is issued or who took delivery of the product for placement in a business government office.

12. Since the product is custom handcrafted slight variations in the product from that displayed at web images, floor samples or other printed depictions shall not be repaired or replaced by manufacturer.

13. Rusting of cast iron is not covered by the warranty. Cast Iron table bases are not recommended for outdoor use and such use even if temporary or seasonal will void applicable warranties.

All claims must be submitted in writing within 10 (ten) days of the first notice of product failure. The customer must submit the claim to: (email)and include a valid copy of the invoice. Claims will be processed more efficiently if the customer provides important factual information relative to the claim. Manufacturer will not be responsible for any consequences of the customer’s delay in providing this information and manufacturer is not responsible in any way for gathering such information.

To file and submit a claim, the following is required:

a) Pictures, videos showing the part or the entire product relevant to the claim.

b) Total quantity delivered.

c) The quantity that is subject to a claim.

d) Product, model number

e) Purchase Order number or Invoice number relevant to the claimed product.

f) Relevant details pertaining to the claim.

Defective product may not be returned to Lakdi without an official Return Authorization (RA) from Lakdi and any attempt to do so shall void the warranty.

Lakdi may deny any claim where the customer does not provide relevant and complete information in a timely manner upon request by Lakdi.

Lakdi shall provide a reverse pick-up facility only in case when the claim for return of product is made within 10 days; however locations where Lakdi do not have reverse pick up facility.

Lakdi may request the customer to self-ship the product to our office or dispose or destroy them.

For cases where Claim for return is made after 10 days, Lakdi shall not provide any reverse pick-up facility and the customer shall be required to return the product to Lakdi’s office at its own cost and expense.

Customer shall be required to properly repackage the product for Reverse-pickup return.

Lakdi shall not be liable for any damage caused to the product while the product was in transit.