8 Amazing Home Decoration Ideas for Holi

Wondering how to clean stains from your precious handmade rugs this Holi? Running out of innovative home decoration ideas for your Holi party? Check out our EPIC guide to give your home a stylish makeover in time for the festive occasion.

Holi—the festival of colors, love, and spring is around the corner and so is the excitement of decorating our homes as we embrace the goodness of vibrant shades and enchanting lights. As we get ready for this colorful festival, we get you these amazing and unique interior decor and makeover ideas that will make your home look festive ready.

Home Decoration Ideas for Holi

Holi is undoubtedly one of the most awaited Indian festivals that brings with it colors, lights, music, get-togethers, and good food. While we all love to throw house parties, it is the thought of decorating our home while keeping it protected from the colors that keeps us guessing and stressed. How about we solve both these problems through our epic guide on Holi stain protection for home and home decor ideas?

These amazing tips and tricks will not only help you decorate your home uniquely and innovatively on this beautiful festival but also help you keep it free from stains and protected.

  1. Add colorful lights and curtains

Adding colorful hanging lights to your interiors along with vibrant curtains is an amazing home decoration idea for Holi. I mean, it’s the festival of colors after all! Adding colorful bed sheets is also a good idea to make your home feel livelier.

  1. Add colorful and artistic wall hangings

Using colorful and artistic wall hangings can be a great idea to add a festive look to your home there are a number of hangings unique and colorful wall-hangings and artistic pieces available in the market for doors and walls that will completely enhance the look of your living room.

  1. Accessorize your home

There are several innovative ways to accessorize your home. For instance, you can turn the china plates from a Diwali gift into wall art, turn your wine bottles into a vase, add flowers and decorate it with fairy lights. You can also decorate your living area with budget-friendly rugs to give it a boho look. Candles are another great and affordable accessory you can use to decorate your home.

  • Hanging or butterfly chairs (wooden)
  • Rugs and floor cushions
  • Flowers (in corners)
  • Macramé wall decorations
  • Indoor Plants & succulents
  • Embroidered Boho bedding (with colorful patterns)
  • Wall decor such as woven baskets
  • Rattan furniture

Pro tip: Never forget to buy some fresh flowers!

  1. Make a traditional-style rangoli

Use vibrant colors to make a beautiful rangoli at the entrance of your home to enhance the festive vibe and make your guests feel warmly welcomed!

  1. Add aesthetics with handmade rugs

What a handmade rug can do to enhance the whole look and feel of your space, no other accessory can. They not only add life to your interiors but also make your home look more subtle, elegant, and vibrant. For a festival like Holi, one can brighten up their home by adding designer rugs, handmade rugs such as jute rugs, bamboo silk rugs, and hemp rugs in styles as diverse as modern, geometric, or floral that will bring vibrancy and liveliness to your home interiors. It’s always a good idea to add round, colorful rugs at the entrance of home on Holi to welcome guests.

  1. Reuse, repurpose, redecorates for Holi

Making a cushion cover from an old t-shirt, making a wall hanging from your old bed sheet, a fur jacket can be used to reupholster a stool, and several other techniques that enable you to reuse your old materials, give them a purpose and redecorate your home in time for Holi. You never know where your creativity can take you after all!

  1. Go organic this Holi

Organic materials such as a wicker basket, grass cloth furniture, and Lakdi – The Furniture Co not only give a great style statement but are eco-friendly and last for a long period of time without getting damaged. This way, you can give your home both a vintage and rustic look. Lakdi furniture needs to be cleaned with a damp cloth once a month and use soft upholstery brush to dust it every week.

  1. Turn your rugs into wall art

A jute rug in the middle of your living room or a nice unique wallpaper in your bedroom can not only add a nice boho look to your home but also make it easy for you to remove or relocate them as per your need.

Care for Your Rugs

Now if you are worried about your favorite rugs or expensive furniture getting damaged after the Holi party and are wondering how to clean Holi stains from your handmade rugs, here are some hacks that will help you take care of your rugs and other valuable furniture.

  1. Send your rugs to a professional carpet cleaning shop: Getting your rugs dry-cleaned from a professional carpet cleaning shop is the best idea to get rid of any stains on your rugs and make them as new as ever. Their technicians thoroughly inspect the rug and its material before starting the cleaning process that protects your rugs from any damage. It helps remove maximum dirt and bacteria from the rugs and makes it brand new.
  2. Use the magical combination of detergent and hot water: Wash the carpet with a solution of warm water, shampoo, and detergent. The mixture of detergent and shampoo along with the warm water helps eliminate the stains and makes it smoother and softer.
  3. For dry colors, vacuum the rug: If there are spots of dry Holi color on your rug, they can be easily eliminated by vacuuming the rugs. While at it, don’t forget to vacuum your rug from both sides to ensure that it overall gives a new look and no parts with color stains are left out.
  4. Cover your furniture with plastic sheets: Many kinds of furniture are prone to color stains—especially wooden. In order to protect it from the stains of Holi color, you can cover it using plastic sheets that will prevent the furniture from getting damaged by any kinds of spots or stains. You can also use a cotton pad dipped in acetone to remove the wet stains from your wooden furniture and use a vacuum to get rid of the dry color spots or sprinkles.
  5. Brush the Holi colors away: Unfortunately, if there are some color stains on your sofa, you can use a nylon brush to eliminate the dry colors and a mixture of vinegar and lemon juice to get rid of the wet color stains. If the material of your sofa set is leather, then you can use ethanol to get rid of the stains.
  6. Use acetone and soap to clean your kitchen: No matter if someone tried to wash their face in the kitchen or it's just the usual post-Holi mess that has caused staining of your kitchen, it can be taken care of by using Acetone or a Soap Soaked Brush to ensure that no permanent marks are left.
  7. Oil your door knobs and latches: To avoid staining your door knobs and latches, oil them properly right before the Holi party as it will protect them from any kinds of color stains.
  8. Use baking soda for bathroom walls: It is very common for your bathroom walls to get stained with colors on Holi. Use baking soda and water to rinse your bathroom walls and dry them using a cotton cloth. For the bathroom floor, you can use a solution of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and water.

India is known for its century-old traditions, art, diversity, and festivals. Holi is one such festival that brings out the colorful personality of the people as well as their homes. Be it the colors that we use to play Holi with our family or the colors of our Rangoli or the curtains on the wall, it is just about making everything vibrant and full of life. We hope that our epic guide to decorating your home along with our Holi cleaning ideas of home interiors will help you have a colorful yet stain-free festive celebration.

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