How to impress your guests through the science of seating

Are your customers seating comfortably?

Have you thought ever about the emotive factors of your furniture design, such as style, comfort, colour, and a touch of the upholstery fabric?

Did you know that the layout out a design of your hotel & restaurant can influence whether your customers enter, how long they stay and even how much money they want to spend? Read our restaurant design tips and understand how you can use the psychology of restaurant design to influence your guests.

How you use restaurant furniture intentionally?

  • Completing the specific design features of your chairs with the considerations of physical needs and what the guest will be using the chairs for is very important. Part of the furniture always encourages personally space for reading, working, and relaxation or much more.
  • The duration of time that you hope from customers to seat also is reflected in the ergonomics of your seating design. If you would like to influence the customers to rest for a little before moving, seating should be more upright, low-backed, shallow seated armchair or ottoman would be an ideal seating option.
  • Similarly, if you would like the customers to stay seated, sink into the chair and enjoy a few drinks while socializing in the bar chair, a deeper-seated and softer upholstered lounge chair would be the better option for the customer to relax into.

What to consider in Restaurant Design?

The Furniture you should choose for your restaurant

  • Choosing the right furniture for your restaurant is a tedious task in making sure your customers are comfortable. For example, once you have finalized out the size and capacity of your restaurant space, you will want to make sure that your furniture is aesthetically inviting but also serves a specific purpose depending on what your customers want. And how much time (and, Money) you would like them to spends in that spot of your restaurant.  

If you are going through a redesign of your restaurant, then need to think your restaurant seating layout to capitalize on the psychology of seating, here we are giving some specific ideas you can choose from this, 

Restaurant seating styles

If you are redesigning your restaurant seating layout, you have a variety of styles to choose from, all design could have an impact on their way of how customers interact with your business.

  • Want to keep your customers socializing for longer?
  • Choose seating that encourages them to relax with higher back chairs and luxurious upholstery allowing your staff to serve coffees and drinks while your customers sink comfortably into their seats.
  • Does your business rely on a high turnaround?
  • Always choose a strategic seating setup that is simple and chic.

Banquette or Fixed Restaurant Seating

  • Banquette seating or Fixed seating both highlighted your features such as wall features in your restaurant, but it brings a welcoming layer of privacy for your customers. A booth seating is more of an enclosed, relaxed space for a group of customers to enjoy their dining experience.
  • Banquettes can also help to drive daily walkways for diners and waiting for staff to ease the free flow of foot traffic through the restaurant.
  • Banquette seating areas customer loves that one and feels like more privacy. And private space encourages customers to stay a little bit more. What’s more? When people feel privacy and also comfortable than this factor always leads to customers spending more money.

Bar Stools:

If you are talking about bar, people came here for a drink but before drink they want to perfect and comfortable bar stools so that they can relax on bar stools then he/she can enjoy. So your bar stools do need to be comfortable enough to sit on for a while.

Choosing the best restaurant seating design:

  • One of the best things about the psychology of restaurant design is knowing how to use every area of your restaurant. Add outer seating & rooftop seating, if your customer wants some flexibility. This factor adds a restaurant to a new level or I am sure that this automatically increases customer's footfall and revenue of your restaurant.
  • Think carefully about how customers move one place to another place within your area, also think how much time you want to spend by customers so that they can order some more. This is the psychology effect behind designing a space or seating in that way.

How guest time duration affects your restaurant seating:

  • The longer your guests have seated the more need to optimize your space.
  • If your restaurant's profit is based on the volume of guests and table turnover, consider furniture arranged for more casual dining.
  • Whereas if a more time duration by customers brings your better profits, choose restaurant tables and chairs that encourage them to relax and experience better dining.

Psychology of seating arrangements: Colour is a Key

Selecting the right colour for your furniture is also key to influencing your guest’s mood. As you colour is the first thing anyone can see and judge according. So choose colour very carefully, it affects mind & heart both.

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