Interior Design Trends Making a Serious Comeback

If there’s one thing we know about trends (in both fashion and interior design), it’s that they always seem to come back. While certain trends are better left in the past, we’re excited to see a few vintage design aspects make a comeback in 2022! Here are the top interior design trends making a serious comeback.

Art Deco

Art Deco became popular in the 1920s and its geometric designs and crisp lines wowed the globe. Those characteristics stood in strong contrast to the opulent Victorian décor that came before it. The style was groundbreaking, combining handcrafted Victorian era pieces with mass–produced and inexpensive industrial era goods. Art Deco appears to be making a resurgence as we immerse ourselves in this millennium’s version of the roaring ’20s. Mix vintage items with contemporary products to create a beautiful juxtaposition of old and new that is a hallmark of Art Deco décor.

Individual Rooms

For the past 15 years, open floor designs have been at the top of everyone’s “dream home” list. However, without barriers, there is a lack of personal space. While an open floor plan is fantastic for entertaining, homeowners have quickly discovered that it isn’t the most practical for their daily life. Homeowners are increasingly erecting new walls to divide living areas and create designated spaces. This is good news for people wishing to buy older, historic homes that were never converted to open floor plans, keeping their traditional beauty and solitude.

80s Inspired Furniture

The 1980s have returned, and we couldn’t be happier! Bold and intriguing furniture styles influenced by geometric lines dominated this tumultuous decade. It’s actually quite simple to incorporate this old/new trend into your home—just look for furniture that appears to be slightly out of place. The stranger the vases, crooked mirrors, textured furniture, and huge seats, the better!

Colorful Appliances

Who doesn’t want to cook in a white kitchen? Subway tile, brilliant quartz worktops, and white cabinetry are all beautiful, but multicolored appliances are bringing color back into the kitchen in a big way in 2022. Colorful appliances have a vintage and retro feel to them, which is really popular right now. With the popularity of Smeg appliances (which come in a variety of retro-style colors), consumers are looking for pastel fridges, ovens, microwaves, kettles, and other kitchen equipment.

Dark Kitchens

While bright flashes of color are great, if you want to go in a different way with your kitchen, 2022 has brought back another old trend: gloomy kitchens. Darker colors like blue, forest green and black work well with little splashes of white or neutral tones. It not only elevates the look of your kitchen, but it also lends a hint of maximalism (which we’ll discuss shortly) to an otherwise minimalist room.

Brass Fixtures

Stainless steel and rose gold have just had their moments, but it’s time for brass to shine once more! This gold-ish metal adds color and warmth to a kitchen, bathroom, or even a living room or outdoor living space when used for appliances, hardware, or fixtures. To give Art Deco flair to any area, we recommend implementing it throughout your home through sinks, cabinet handles, light fixtures, and even doorknobs!


Throughout the decade of the 2010s, interior design was significantly influenced by “minimalism,” a movement that emphasized clean lines, uncluttered interiors, and basic décor. However, it appears like “maximalism,” a 1980s décor trend, may make reappearance in 2022. This trend encourages you to reintroduce items into your home’s equation. The more vibrant colors, fascinating patterns, cluttered walls, stacked carpets and knickknacks, the better!


Wallpaper has been making a comeback for a few years now, but we expect it will really shine in 2022! But don’t panic if visions of wall-to-wall flowery nightmares come to mind. On accent walls, in powder rooms, behind built-ins, and as cabinet and shelf lining, the 2022 edition of this iconic décor mainstay gives delightful splashes of color and intriguing designs.


Macramé is a boho lover’s fantasy, inspired by the 1960s and 1970s. This motif has recently resurfaced in a variety of settings, including as wall hangings, furniture light fixtures, and even plant hangers. For this stunning décor style, we love searching Etsy or one of our favorite local home décor shops, but if you’re feeling inspired, try your hand at a DIY!

Textured Furniture

In our opinion, textured furniture hasn’t really gone out of style. There was the Rattan style in the early 1900s and 1960s, the early 2000s wicker frenzy, the mid-2010s fake fur fever dream, and many more. However, 2022 appears to be hell-bent on mixing as many styles as possible, especially when it comes to furniture. Rattan, cane, wicker, shearling, and velvet are all back in style and eager to have a good time.

Wood Paneled Walls

Many homeowners loved the idea of having an “outdoor/indoor” feel inside their living rooms when wood paneled walls first appeared on the market in the 1970s. Wood panels, on the other hand, were judged “out” in the 2000s and were painted white or even wallpapered to hide their appearance. Wood panels are making a comeback as a popular material in dens and living spaces for a comfortable twist that feels both vintage and modern (particularly with the shiplap fad of the last few years).


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