Custom Built Products

"Our Speciality is to furnish custom built products."

Lakdi has a comprehensive portfolio for custom furniture online where we have created a niche for design services. We develop interior designs based on the client's vision and translate their vision into reality using our superior design quality and finished products and services. Our design skills include interior design, furniture, and space planning to create custom built products. Handmade furniture manufacturers can source international accessories, vintage, and salvage pieces, as well as artwork for residential and commercial projects. For custom products, some specializations are as follows:

Layout and Finishing:

Unlike other interior designers and decorators, we first provide a layout so that our customers can see what they will do and change as they please. After the manufacturing is complete, not only the layout, we make sure that the product is organized as expected before the customer receives the product.

International Quality Finish:

We have been engaged custom furniture online work for many years, so we know what the needs of our clients are. In order to maintain the demand, we manufacture furniture or interior designs according to international standards and pay attention to quality.

Brief Design:

Before we start the manufacturing process, we show our customers a brief build-up of design so they can get an idea and make the change. In addition, we even show samples of raw materials used in our products so that we can solve them immediately.


Once the product is manufactured, our team of experts inspects the product to ensure that it uses good raw materials and if there are any manufacturing defects, we can alter it accordingly. We have become the best handmade furniture manufacturers, custom furniture online to deliver the highest quality products to our customers.

Our Specialties:
  • Layout Optimization & Finish Selection
  • Bespoke Interior Design Concepts
  • International Quality Finish
  • Full Design Documentation
  • Design Brief Establishment
  • Concept Theme Design