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Features of Ozone Vaporizer Facial Steamer:

- Open up the skin pore, soften the greasy black head, make-up remnants, and dirt for deep cleaning inside

- Activate the blood circulation, improve metabolism, moisten and renew the skin

- Ozone will effectively kill the skin bacteria, and keep the skin health

Benefits of Ozone Vaporizer Facial Steamer:

- Removal of keratinocytes: The hot and cold sprayer directly penetrates to make the skin surface cells swell and soften, which makes it easy to remove aging keratinocytes and make the skin smooth and delicate.

- Improve water shortage: The water molecules in the mist are easily absorbed by the cells, increase the water content, and make the skin moist and elastic.

- Remove deep dirt: steam makes pores open, which is convenient for removing deep dirt and secreting Seder sebum so that the skin can breathe smoothly.

- Skin sterilization and anti-inflammatory: The ionized mist containing ozone has a bactericidal effect, which can prevent skin diseases and inflammation and make the skin healthier.

- Activate hydrophilic factor to replenish skin moisture.

- Promote the regeneration of keratin, reduce wrinkles, and restore the skin to fine and smooth.


- Do Not add anything except water in the water container, OR it will cause danger.

- Please use rushing water for HOT STEAM, if using pure water, it may not work, and the beeping cause of the PH value of the pure water can not be detected by the needle in the water container.

- For COOL STEAM, please use pure water, pure water makes less scale and keeps the cool steam maker clean.

- Please use white vinegar for cleaning cool steam water containers, DO NOT use others, or it will cause damage.

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