7 Things to Consider When Designing Restaurant Interiors

For the best customer service and to ensure repeat business, a restaurant designer shouldn’t just think about how attractive the exterior of the restaurant is, the interior speaks volume too, just like the glamorous exterior. While considering the design of a restaurant interior, there are several segments to focus on and the whole process can even be overwhelming. However, in this post, we will be discussing 7 important aspects of designing restaurant interiors.

  1. Layout

The interior layout up to the choice of colors, shapes and sizes of restaurant furniture should accentuate your brand personality. Your restaurant interior should be carefully laid out so you do not misrepresent what you claim to stand for. The restaurant furniture, the ambience, the spacing and layout, and every other component of your restaurant interior should be properly programmed and identified in line with your brand.

  1. Colors

The importance of colors in human psychology cannot be overemphasized, and it extends to opening a restaurant. Consciously or not, colors can affect the mood and influence your customer’s decision. Have you noticed how the color Red is often used by the bigwigs in the food industry? Well, the color Red is believed to induce hunger. This is why the biggest players in the food industry often incorporate it in their logos, restaurant furniture and complete restaurant décor. Therefore, as a restaurant interior designer, it is important that you choose the brightest and most impactful colors for your restaurant.

  1. Lighting

Do you know that lights can greatly influence the interior of your restaurant? Just like a set of well-decorated lights may attract passersby, bright attractive interior lighting can also enhance the elegance of the restaurant interiors greatly. Like a set of comfortable furniture for the restaurant, a meticulous choice of interior lighting warms the minds of your visitors, and it can do wonders in setting up an ambient atmosphere for your guests. Never forget: the creation of a successful restaurant interior design depends greatly on the lighting.

  1. Music and Aroma

Can you remember the last time you visited a restaurant and they had an incoherent music playlist? How did it make you feel? A restaurant’s choice of music has an unquantifiable effect on the guests and even your staff. That’s not the only takeaway, with music; an inviting aroma gives your restaurant that irresistible nostalgia.  A perfect blend of music, amazing smell, and furniture improves the image of your brand and stimulates customers’ appetites. For example, rock music tends to stimulate appetite and speed up chewing, while classic music stimulates the desire for calm refined foods.

  1. Restroom and Kitchen

You may wonder why these facilities should be included in the restaurant interior design. Here’s why. It is poor customer service when your restaurant has no restroom or the one available is not well kept or maybe too far. So, you need to keep your restroom pleasant and tidy with plenty of paper towels and a full soap dispenser. Similarly, the kitchen should be organized properly without delaying or slowing down business operations.

The tropical print wallpaper and gold gilded mirror is very much on-trend and makes diners want to take a picture and share their experience on Instagram. Washroom tiles are a great way to add contrast to an otherwise loud, funky design.

The whole point of dining out is to enjoy things that you can’t have at home, and that now includes washing your hands with ultra-luxury products. If you want to reduce your restaurant’s overhead costs and service bills while being as eco-friendly as possible, consider moving away from paper towels and installing hand dryers instead.

Similar to hand soap, washroom candles and diffusers can be part of a restaurant’s sensory experience.

  1. Seating Arrangements

Don’t you think it’s out of place when a restaurant has got nearly everything right but the furniture is not properly arranged and space isn’t well managed? Well, the arrangement of your restaurant furniture must be in a way that makes your space homely for guests. You should include sufficient distance between the furniture for your restaurant. Choose the right type of restaurant furniture based on the theme of your restaurant.

  1. Heating and Ventilation

So, what about heating and ventilation in the restaurant? Why so important? In addition to making customers and staff feel comfortable enough indoors, you need to build a proper ventilation system that helps you clear out smoke and smell gathered in the kitchen, creating a safe and conducive atmosphere in your restaurant furniture.

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