7 Ideas to Brighten Your Home with Different Types of Lights

7 Ideas to Brighten Your Home with Different Types of Lights

Here’s how you can brighten the aesthetics of your home interiors with different types of lights

In the era of YouTube and Instagram, everything around us is ALL ABOUT GOOD LIGHTING. “Oh, I need good lighting for my pictures”, “I can’t shoot my reel in this awful lighting”. Well, guess who got your back? We do. We get how essential it is to have proper lighting. Good lighting not just makes you look presentable but also adds an aesthetic charm to your home. Lighting enhances even the smallest spaces — be it your kitchen or study. So, if you are looking for different types of lights, your search ends here.

In this blog, we bring our top 7 designer-approved lighting ideas for your home. We talk (in detail) about the different types of lights that will make your interiors sparkle. We will also bring to your notice the different types of lighting schemes for various situations, such as low lighting, task lighting and accent lighting.

1. Different Types of Lights for the Bathroom

Our first lighting idea fits with an accent lighting type and is ideal for spaces like bathrooms. Here, the track lighting on the side of the mirror and the vanity is accompanied by different types of light bulbs. You can add more hanging lights in the corner of the open space to add a more glory charm to your bathroom. The track lighting offers more perfection when it is mounted side-wise to the mirror. This bestows a spectacular display and augments the beauty of your space.

accent light

2. Different Types of Lights for the Dining Room

Falling under the different types of ceiling lights, the next lighting idea that you can opt for is the cove lighting type. These lighting ideas are preferable for open areas such as your living room and dining area. Here, you see the cove lighting all around the ceiling. You can also add magnificent mini chandeliers to ramp up the whole decor. Installing a ceiling light will bestow a sophisticated vibe to your home. The best part about this lighting idea is its tray ceiling lighting, which creates a charming overview. Just install these different types of false ceiling lights, and you will never have an under-lit home.

gorgeous light3. Different Types Of Lights For A Large Living Area 

Our next lighting design idea will make your home shine as bright as a star combined with elegance and vibrancy. It comes with wall sconce lighting, which incredibly up lights or down lights from inside the wall. Mesmerizing, eh? These different types of decorative lights act as a great mood setter. At the same time, you can also add other small hanging light bulbs to brighten up the space. Installing a beautiful chandelier right in the middle would totally be a show stopper. Add large portraits on the wall for some personality.

Warm cosy night

4. Some More Lighting Ideas for the Bathroom

As the saying goes, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, our next lighting idea is a perfect illustration of it. You see a great example of simplicity (without the fuss of adding extra lights) in this. Like in the picture, there are just two lights (down lighting and up lighting) on either side of the bathroom mirror. You can install these lights anywhere in your home – be it your bathroom, balcony or living room. They will look dapper anywhere and everywhere. So, what’s the wait for? Rekindle modern Meta with these lighting ideas. Don these lights and let them slow you’re breathing while you wash all your worries in the sink.

charm and warmth light5. Different Types of LED Lights for the Living Room

The one that stands out from our box of great lighting ideas is the recessed lighting type. Our next lighting idea is based on the same. Installing these lights will bestow a unique and graceful look to your home and (not to mention) sustain the aesthetic vibe. Here, as you can see, different types of lights are used on the wall and ceiling. Now, if you get so much in one frame, who wouldn’t like it?

modern decorative light6. Different Types of Light Bulbs for the Bedroom

With classy white bulbs and bright up lighting ceiling lighting, this lighting design would add a spectacular charm to your space. The emblazoned lantern on the walls and ceiling makes it all the more striking – and renders a pleasing aura. These bulbs are swung by a string-like wire, which looks so dreamy, goodness gracious! Also, the ceiling light provides an extraordinary night-time view. It looks like you get the whole world in just this one lighting décor! Does it not?

charming hanging light7. Different Types of Light Bulbs for the Living Room

Our next lighting design comes with a very sleek and standard look. In this idea, you see designer pendant bulbs of different sizes on one side and a floor lamp on the other. It is inevitably gorgeous to look at. Here, you can also add small hanging lamps and add flair to the room’s existent beauty. Installing these lights will make your home interiors look extremely unique and trendy. If you opt for this lighting design for your living space, you can also add a well-lit chandelier right in the middle to create that royally-subtle look.

modern decorative lights

Good lighting is essential whenever you have any kind of work to do. Whether hosting a party or attending a webinar, good lighting is your knight in shining armor! Not only does it enhance the beauty of your home, but it also adds a charismatic charm to your personality. Thus, it’s necessary to install proper lighting. We hope our list of different types of light ideas was helpful to you and you made the best out of them.

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