Accents to Go with a White Sofa

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If you are an empty nester and you have reached the stage of your life where you can have a white sofa, you are in luck. Today, a white sofa is a strong statement of contemporary styling. To avoid an antiseptic look, you can use color, texture, accent furniture and decorative touches to complement the look.

Paint the Walls

Universal Furniture Churchill Sofa

With white furniture, muted tones are best so the wall color does not compete for attention. Overly vivid or dark walls tend to become the dominant feature of the room. Instead, choose shades of beige or gray, or opt for soft tones of blue, green or brown. You can also choose from the wide array of whites to achieve a more monochromatic look. In general, while shades of gray, blue or green can give your room a cool feeling, while beige and brown will lend a warmer look.

Cocktail Tables

Ashley Furniture Marion Cocktail Table

Highly polished dark wood is a natural fit for white furniture. Ashley Marion cocktail table shown above serves a double purpose with ingeniously integrated stools for additional seating.

Riverside Furniture Weatherford Bunching Tables

Wood combined with natural materials like glass and stone pair well with white furniture. These bunching tables are versatile accent pieces that can be moved when guests arrive.


Universal Furniture Flint Wyatt Console Table

Adding a stunning console table is a great way to add interest to a living room with a white sofa. Consoles come in every style and material, from sophisticated contemporary with clean lines and natural materials to meticulously detailed traditional pieces with interesting silhouettes.

Area Rugs

Adding an area rug is an easy way to introduce a pop of color into a room with a white sofa.

Choose a texture or an overall geometric pattern for a more contemporary feel. More traditional patterns are perfect for a comfortable transitional home.

Decorative Touches

Once your rugs and furniture are in place, it's time to have fun with decorative items that can reflect your personality. Add throw pillows with varying solids, textures and patterns to pick up a color in your rug. Then think about throws for chilly winter nights and "poof" pillows that can provide extra seating or act as an ottoman.

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