Innovative office furniture to enhance collaboration

Every business manager wishes to foster clean and clear communication between their workers.

This is the basis of promoting collaboration in a business environment.  Since almost anything can affect business communication, great care should be taken when designing an office and choosing innovative office furniture. 

6 innovative office furniture ideas to get people teaming up

Through creative designs, proper selection of furniture, and the application of technology, one can promote efficient communication.  Here are some suggestions to get you started:

1- Movable Furniture

Collaboration can happen anywhere and anytime, and you must be adaptable. By stocking mobile furniture, even in an impromptu situation, you will be able to create a formal space using your furniture.

For example, suppose several team members decide to conduct a meeting in the office’s central area instead of the conference room.

In that case, you can quickly move your mobile whiteboard, mobile desk, and portable multimedia hub to set up spontaneous meeting space.

2 - Tech compatible furniture

In today's digital world and post-COVID-19, it is crucial to arrange virtual meetings. Real collaborations will need to take place on virtual platforms.

Online sessions are more convenient, as they tend not to waste much time, and travel and setups are a simple matter, but they also promote social distancing. 

As such, the infrastructure and technology to conduct online meetings have become essential. 

Therefore, it is vital to have a good and reliable internet connection and ensure that personal computing devices are all equipped with cameras. 

While public online meetings can be conducted on free platforms, such as Zoom, Google Meet, or Skype, confidential discussions should be handled by a proprietary platform, hosted on the company’s server, to not risk confidentiality.  

Further, if you wish to record such meetings, it is recommended that IT monitor the server space to ensure that the platform is running at optimum capacity.

Finally, a scheduling platform will allow others to schedule meetings according to your own free time.  No more will go back and forth when a meeting can occur; implementing this technology will free up time and allow meetings to be conducted as soon as possible.  

3 - Multi-functional furniture

Your office space should be presentable 24*7. The environment of an emergency meeting should feel like that of a regular meeting.

Your office design should be inviting and presentable at all times. Office design can be used to motivate your employees, and you have to use this tool efficiently.

Personalized spaces for employees, room for free movement, proper ventilation system, and flexible furniture are essential elements of this innovative office solution. Remember to reflect your office identity through your design style.

4- Productivity oriented lighting

Lighting plays a vital role in creating the perfect ambiance. Exceedingly bright light can ruin the feel, while dull lighting will interfere with work productivity.

Even if your design is impressive, it will mean nothing to the collaborators if they won't see it correctly.

Proper lighting will enhance your office design and be more inviting to workers. You can make the most of this innovative office solution by using automated lighting technology.

5- Ergonomic Spaces

Collaboration can be enhanced by catering to team members' comfort. Workers and visitors should feel at ease and welcome in any office environment.

Of course, there is a problem with an office being too comfortable, to the point of promoting idleness.

Furniture should be ergonomic so employee’s health is protected, but should not get in the way of productivity.

However, the right amount of light, comfy sofas, couches, chairs, and adjustable desks are just a few examples to create a comfortable space for your employees and impress any visitors.

6- Adaptable Design

Your office has limited space, and other teams or workers may occupy some resources.  Instead of waiting for those resources, one can take advantage of adaptable designs to create a new space on-demand.

For example, if all the meeting rooms are booked, you could assemble a meeting area using cubital walls, spare tables, and chairs.  

Another benefit of adaptable design is that people can change their space’s design to suit their needs.

A height-adjustable desk would allow workers to stand when tired and adjust the work surface height to their preference.

Time to create the perfect collaborative space

These six simple, quick, and innovative easy solutions will change the face of collaborations for your office.

Along with this, remember to work on your collaborative attitude. These office furniture solutions will help promote working partnerships within the company.

It’s your innovation that will seal the deal. Innovative office solutions are the catalyst that will help you improve the process.

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