Give Your Restaurant Bar a Dream Makeover with These Interior & Layout Design Ideas

Running a hassle-free, successful, and profitable restaurant business requires juggling several aspects. So after days of planning, weeks of construction, and months of operation, you have established your restaurant – what comes next? Perhaps adding a bar will generate quick revenues. However, when it comes to the restaurant bar layout design, you must adopt a brand new approach. Organization of things and their tidiness become more crucial for bars and pubs. To attract the eyes and catch the attention of your guests, interior design for bar should have a unique concept, an inviting ambiance, classy furniture, and many other things. Read on to know how to plan the design and layout of different bars and pubs.

1. Night Club Bar Design

Night clubs are the lifeline of youth and are becoming extremely popular. Characterized by live music, DJs, or dance floors, nightclubs focus on younger audiences. Whether hanging out with friends or chilling with office buddies after a long day at work, nightclubs are a great place to unwind and socialize.

Night Bar

  • Ambiance: The ambiance of a nightclub is the balance of a luxurious lounge and a wannabe club. Loud music, dim lighting, and complementing dark interiors call for a stimulating experience.
  • Bar Design: A bar counter is the nightclub’s highlight and sets the tone for your guests’ experience. Colorful lighting and neon-lit LEDs against a dark wall with geometrical patterns add the oomph to the bar design.
  • Bar Furniture: Intimate booths and upholstered chairs in darker hues make for a cozy and private seating experience in a nightclub. Create an exclusive area by adding velvet curtains that complement the bar décor. Also, offer a relaxed atmosphere by placing padded restaurant chairs and coffee tables for guests who just want to enjoy a few drinks.

2. Sports Bar Design

Sports bar combines drinks and viewing sports on television. Whether a specific tavern or a general adaptation of a famous watering hole, customers gather in a sports bar to watch a televised event and enjoy drinks with their friends. As sports bars cater to a specific clientele, you must know how your customers perceive your restaurant and have a clear business objective.

sports bar

  • Ambiance: Sports bars have unparalleled energy and an exciting ambiance. Apart from witnessing the sporting event live in the stadium, sports bars are the next best thing. Most sports bars have HD television sets or projector screens with surround sound systems to replicate a stadium’s electrifying atmosphere. Dim lighting in the interior ensures that your guests concentrate on the game visually. Also, consider embracing the bar’s wall with autographed pictures, posters, memorabilia like t-shirts, etc.
  • Bar Design: The interior design for a sports bar depends on its theme, so pick one first. Once you know the theme, you can choose the color, decor, and other accessories like trophy replicas, memorabilia, etc. The success and popularity (or the lack of it) of a sports bar depends on its entertainment and lively experience. One of the popular sports bar interior design ideas is to add fun activities like air-hockey tables, pool tables, or video games for an engaging experience.
  • Bar Furniture: Customers usually spend at least a couple of hours throughout the sporting event, and bar furniture should be comfortable. More than their visual appeal, sports bar furniture should focus on being comfortable, practical, and functional. Ladder-back metal bar stools or backless swivel bar stools are popular choices as they are space-efficient and compact in design. Rather than going for big furniture pieces, go for sleek designs to maximize the seating capacity.

3. Urban Restaurant Bar Design

An urban restaurant bar design fuses contemporary and vintage appeals. The sleek, minimalist interior design of such a bar balances a glamorous look and a comfortable dining experience. A mixture of modern and industrial design influences, this design creates an elegant and savvy atmosphere in your bar.

Urban bar

  • Ambiance: The idea of urban design in your restaurant bar is to create a relaxed and visually stunning theme. Some of the most striking traits of this design include hanging light fixtures, wall decorations, wooden floors, etc., that facilitate conversation. Neutral, balanced colors and modern style ensure that your guests feel at home.
  • Bar Design: Think of your urban restaurant bar as a quieter, airier, lighter, warmer, and more social version of a nightclub. The decorative elements are less aggressive and focus on comfort. The softer and warmer tones, mildly inspired by industrial and ultra-modern design, offer a memorable experience.
  • Bar Furniture: The furniture of an urban restaurant bar reflects comfort, sleekness, and style. From vertical slat metal chairs and matching bar stools to padded chairs, furnishing pieces boast an artistic expression and elegance. Alternately, you can consider customized furniture elements that blend with the interiors for a stunning visual look.

4. Modern Restaurant Bar Design

Modern restaurant bar interior design ideas are all about experimenting with your imagination to attract new customers. The minimalistic, trendy, colorful design not only retains your regulars but also entices new customers. The modern restaurant bar design revolves around blending furniture, light, and art pieces.

Modern bar

  • Ambiance: While designing the interior of a modern restaurant bar, material selection and placement of design elements are crucial. It uses accent lights that mix effortlessly with the bar counter to create a unique atmosphere. These lights can also accentuate the artwork, furniture, menu, food, wall-art, and other decorations. Other key design elements include a textured floor, bright colors, wooden seating, carpets, etc.
  • Bar Design: Furniture and seating layout play a crucial role in getting the desired look. A modern restaurant bar design is such that it separates or isolates the bar counters from the dining area. The design predominantly uses sharp square and rectangular shapes with occasional curves. Varnished, color-matched chairs and tables with elegant curves provide an exquisite look to the modern bar interiors.
  • Bar Furniture: The furniture for a modern bar goes beyond the conventional black and white scheme. It typically uses a two-color scheme having contrasting hues to make the bar appear bright, roomy, and visually appealing. Consider mixing round tables with square chairs and vice versa for a mesmerizing appeal. Fabric or vinyl upholstery in modern bar furniture serves two purposes; it provides comfort and brings out a chic color palette.

5. Cocktail Bar Design

Unlike regular bars, cocktail bars are high-end establishments that serve a variety of drinks in addition to bottled wines and beers. Many cocktail bars are reminiscent of the old style speakeasy. With a cocktail bar, you thrive on hosting an exclusive clientele. Needless to say, designing a cocktail bar goes beyond selecting the interiors, as it requires you to pay attention to every small detail.

Cocktail Bar

  • Ambiance: When it comes to the ambiance of a cocktail bar, think about a unique experience that you wish to provide to your customers. For example, if you want a relaxed atmosphere, go for an open bar in your patio or garden. Similarly, a lounge setting is more suitable for a formal theme. Depending on the ambiance, you can select other design elements like decorations, lightings, music, etc.
  • Bar Design: With a cocktail bar, you offer a unique experience. Since it’s all about mixing exotic drinks, cocktail menu design should be your top priority. Also, being an upscale bar, there is a less margin for errors. Sleek, industrial materials complement soft decor elements like reclaimed wood for a luxurious design. A well-designed cocktail bar makes the most of the available space to maximize the speed and efficiency of your staff without them bumping with the guests.
  • Bar Furniture: A cocktail bar’s furniture must reflect the elegance and vibe of its ambiance. Rather than cramming too many furniture pieces to maximize seating capacity, give priority to your guest’s comfort. Premium swivel bar stools with matching bar tables and vintage lounge chairs are a great way to show your customers how much you care for them.

Summing it up

When it comes to the bar interior design ideas, you must avoid several pitfalls like lack of conceptualization, poor ambiance, mismatched furniture, etc. A well-designed bar uplifts your guests’ psychology, creates a brand image, and generates revenue as well.

From its type to design, from furniture to ambiance, this article discusses several aspects of planning a successful and unique restaurant bar. Hopefully, by taking notes from the points mentioned above, you will be able to stand out from your competition in running a profitable bar.

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