Product Dimensions: Modern Triple Wooden Bunk Bed for Kids

Overall Size: L-84 x W-48 x H-48 Inch

•    Top: L-84 x W-48 x H-42 Inch
•    Mid: L-78 x W-48 x H-27 Inch
•    Lower: L-72 x W-48 x H-14 Inch
•    Overlap: 6 Inches
•    Product Weight: - 150 Kg Approx.

Material: This Triple bunk bed is available in three beds within one product, Made in Engineered Wood, Making full use of limited space, this bunk bed will brighten up your room and save more room to play. In order to add safety, the ladder is attached to the bed with Storage. Beds comes with matters or without matters (Optional), This Bed comes with moveable Wheels, So easy to use.
Weight Capacity & Safer:  The perfect combination of thickened and stronger Engineered Wood frame and stronger bolts will make this bunk bed has greater weight capacity and safety.
Finish: Laminated
Color: White
Style: Modern & Contemporary
Brand Promise: BIFMA Certified, 5 years Warranty, 3 Stage QC Check.
Installation: The product requires Basic assembly.
Care Instructions:
•    Regularly dust and polish the bed frame to prevent damage.
•    Teach children not to roughhouse on the bed and to use the ladder properly.
•    Protect the bed from direct sunlight to prevent damage to the wood.
•    Check the structural integrity of the bed regularly, including the frame, screws, and fastenings.
•    Position the bunk bed in a corner with walls on two sides, use guardrails on both sides of the top bunk, and ensure the mattress fits snugly within the frame.
•    Make sure the top bunk is reserved for older children capable of climbing up and down the ladder safely.
•    Teach children not to hang things like scarves, ropes, or belts on the bunk bed railing.
•    Install a night light near the ladder for safer night-time access.
•    Keep the area around the bunk bed clear of any sharp or hard objects.
•    Do not use the bunk bed or ladder if any parts are damaged or broken.

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