5 Architectural Trends in 2022!

As uncertainty and change have been a big part of our lives for the last 2 years, Design trends have been embraced as aesthetic and functional aids in reaching inner calm even more so. 2022 was a year of innovation and change in all sectors, and the same can be said for the Architecture and Design industry.

So, here are 5 Architectural Trends from 2022 that we saw

1. Smart Homes and Home automation:

Home automation is an architectural trend that may come in many forms: From a smartphone app that safeguards your home to Amazon’s Alexa that turns off the lights. A smart building offers its users greater comfort and reduces consumption bills. With sustainability at the core of many endeavours, Domotic Architecture is a reflection of social awareness.


2. Open and Multipurpose Spaces:

The commitment to integrate different areas of the house to create diaphanous and multi-purpose environments is becoming clearer. This solution will allow you to enjoy more meters, what you get from the dividing walls and very practical spaces for the whole family. With a lot of people working from home these days, living spaces need to evolve into productive working areas as well. Individuals consider their residences to function and expand more effectively for them as they spend more time inside.

3. New Minimalism:

There is something about minimalism that never goes out of style! Minimal architectural designs will always leave you with a warm feeling in your heart, an intense admiration for the attention to detail, and the delicate touches each structure consists of. They’re simple but smartly designed spaces that radiate an aura of warmth and calmness. The trend towards minimalism in architecture translates to a commitment to simple forms by using modern and cutting-edge materials. Contract designs are highly required for homes and hotels, as well as for office buildings and shopping centers. It is a tendency to use quality materials to ensure thermal and acoustic insulation that will result in economic savings and environmental benefits.

4. Access to Natural Space:

For a brief period of time, when we were all stuck at home due to a lockdown, the craving for outdoor spaces became even more prevalent. A significant number of people chose to move away from their city homes to more rustic and open homes. Or at least, moved into parts of the city that were close to parks and open spaces. A lot of emphases was placed on creating affordable housing for communities that have quality outdoor space.

5. Less noise, more light:

Noise is a pollutant that we are exposed to inside and outside our homes. That is why more and more architectural projects are carried out with this hassle in mind, using distributions and materials that minimize noise within buildings, and ensure that more light is being allowed into homes through wide open spaces and large windows.

With 2022 being so exciting and innovative, Creative Architects can’t wait to see the Architecture and Design trends for 2023!

Reach out to us if you have any questions, or if you’d like your home to be redesigned and reimagined!

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