Popular and Innovative Outdoor Kitchen Renovations

You must have already scrolled through the Instagram feed to get inspiration for an ideal outdoor kitchen design if you are thinking of incorporating one in the apartment or villa. But, if you don’t have adequate knowledge about space utilization, in the backyard, then we would highly recommend getting in touch with an interior designer.

Nowadays, professional interior designers can help renovate the outdoor kitchen in the best possible way. Based on the remaining space of the outdoor area, these professionals consider adding required kitchen-related items to make it visually pleasing.

So, if you spend a considerable amount of time in the kitchen or have a minimal interest in cooking, then an outdoor kitchen can be a substantial investment. However, in order to enhance the cooking experience, it’s important to have some appliances. For keeping those kitchen essentials, you also have to think about installing well-designed kitchen cabinets.

Further, on weekends or holidays, outdoor cooking can evoke the celebratory spirit of an individual. Explore the possibilities of cooking in an open atmosphere that you can’t possibly think of in a typical house kitchen. And, there can be nothing more satisfying than enjoying a meal with your family members in pleasant weather.

Over the years, the outdoor kitchen designs have evolved, and every design comes with exceptional elements. Gone are those days, when outdoor kitchens only contained barbecues and grills. Now, you add the required outdoor products that could help you in making a delicious meal.

For decorating the outdoor kitchens, provide prior attention to making them durable. Here, we are compiling some outdoor kitchen designs that are in high demand these days:

Shabby Chic with Grill and Dishwasher

If you have already browsed through the most popular outdoor kitchen designs, then you have most likely come across this in-built outdoor design. With the emergence of outdoor designs like shabby chic or rustic, improving the house value has become easier. If you are looking for a class outdoor design, then definitely opt for this one.

For revamping the outdoor kitchen with shabby chic design, the leading interior designs companies prefer incorporating whitewashed brick. It makes the kitchen space more eye-catching. Consider implementing neutral grey color on the counter. Because, this sort of combination perfectly goes with the shabby chic design, so make sure you have stated your requirements to the professionals whilst changing the outlook.

Thinking about what sort of flooring material can go with these above attributes? Simply, consider adding a chevron brick floor while choosing this outdoor design.

Do you have an adequate amount of space in the backyard or patio? Then, don’t forget to install metal-based grilling machines and dishwashers as well. Avoid the hassle of cleaning the contaminated cutlery sets and other cooking utensils by just establishing a different space for placing the dishwasher. Spend a little extra cash and get a desirable design with professional help now.

Add a Food Prep Station

Before contacting a designer, you need to consider checking a few essential factors to avoid further inconvenience. Among these, the evaluation of the overall space of the backyard is considered being an essential aspect before installing any kitchen accessories. However, even if you have minimal space, then also you can utilize the backyard space by making an explicitly designed outdoor kitchen.

Simply invest in buying a durable food preparation station, that will be enough. But, make sure the material of the food preparation station is weather-resistant or else you might have to buy a new one within a few months. You can find a compact-sized food prep station in different styles, color palettes, and designs from the Internet. Unable to determine which food prep station will be suitable? Then, take professional help beforehand.

But, we would highly recommend going for a minimalist yet classy food preparation station design. Make sure the food prep station contains multiple shelves so that you can place the essential cooking accessories there.

Keep a ceramic smoker-styled grill and a glass water dispenser in this station, it will bring ease while making a mouth-watering item. Thinking about what else can be placed in this food prep station? Add a few plant tubs, it will definitely provide a refreshing feeling and increase the aesthetic appearance as well.

Get a Pizza Oven

Do you know how to make a cheese burst pizza? Then, you must have already watched many tutorial videos on YouTube or in other online content streaming apps. So, what are you waiting for? Consider installing a pizza oven in the backyard and utilize the leisure time to make your favorite delicacies.

But, for choosing a suitable pizza oven, sometimes it can be a strenuous job. To say, the pizza oven contains different specifications which can provide better accessibility, convenience, and help in yielding desirable outcomes.

So, if you are running out of options, here we are providing a few specific pizza ovens that will be perfect for the outdoor kitchen, irrespective of its size:

  • Brick Pizza Oven
  • Clay Pizza Oven
  • Conveyor Oven
  • Convection Oven
  • Deck Pizza Oven

Make sure you have opted for the right temperature while making the pizzas in this easy-to-ace pizza oven. Or else, even after adding the ingredients, you won’t be able to get the crispy texture in the pizza crusts. Still, unable to decide which pizza oven you should buy? Go for the convection ones, it comes at an affordable price and makes the food preparation process less time-consuming.

Add Crate Shelves

Already thought of buying a grilling machine? Then, you acknowledge you will need a considerable amount of space for the grilling-related accessories. For safeguarding your hands and arms from hot surfaces, grilling mitts and potholders. It’s relatively important to have a water spray bottle extinguishing flare-ups, which can prevent an uncanny event.

Without the help of fuel, the outdoor grilling process is impossible to perform. So, whether you are using firewood or charcoal as fuel, keep them at a convenient place. Don’t forget about the fuel ignition tools, which also play a pivotal part while grilling.

But, without having a crate shelf, you can’t easily access these grilling tools which can ultimately delay the preparation. Install well-designed shelves which hold the capability to store many accessories or tools. You can also consider buying small crates to keep the plates, dishware, and other dining essentials accordingly.

Go for a Hideaway Kitchen

These days, many homeowners have inclined to make a hideaway kitchen and bar with professional guidance. It can be an exciting venue for enjoying evening drinks, snacks, or other mouth-watering food. So, if you have a luminous space on the ground floor of the house, a hideaway kitchen can be ideal for space utilization.

You don’t have to fret over preventing the kitchen accessories that are stored in the kitchen even when you are out of sight. During the warm weekends, enjoy having your favorite food items with your friends and family in this place. For that, make sure you have incorporated a well-decorated dining table chair set. It won’t break a bank to get these essentials, as plenty of e-commerce sites provide discount offers on a table-chair set. Grab the best deals and make your house occasion-ready with this effective outdoor kitchen idea.

Use GreyStone for Flooring

Nowadays, renowned interior designers prefer using primaeval materials such as grey stone and wooden items for increasing the visual appearance. You can find this sort of ultra-modern outdoor kitchen style is perfect for every type of residential sector. The different shades of grey highlight will create an exceptional look in an outdoor kitchen. Grey is one of the most preferred colors which perfectly goes with the industrial environments.

However, over the years, the home interior designing industry has witnessed a growing demand for grey interiors. Especially because the grey colour successfully provides a sense of belonging, acceptance, and inclusion to the homeowners. So, if you are looking for something innovative, then go for revamping the existing outdoor kitchen interior with grey.

Opt for Getting a Unique Retractable Awning

Tired of cooking under the unbearable sun heat or getting drenched during the rainy season? Then, opt for an immediate outdoor kitchen improvement for bringing comfort and ease while making dishes at your home’s backyards. For that, nothing can be ideal than installing a retractable awning to prevent unwanted interruptions. These sorts of elements come with a plethora of advantages.

It can protect you from direct exposure to harmful UV rays. Safeguarding the wooden furniture of cooking essentials has become easier after the emergence of retractable awnings. These sorts of adjustable extensions can enhance the beauty and boost the functionality of the outdoor space. Keep the retractable awning simple, make the countertop white and decor the floor with a dark wood finish.

The brick texture will add a great extent of warmth to the outdoor kitchen decor. You can also consider adding stainless steel kitchen accessories to gain a luxurious appearance. So, go for this easy-to-install and budget-friendly outdoor kitchen essential now.

Choose the Southern Charm Design

You must have a rough idea about how incredible a southern interior design can be for the outdoor kitchen space. These sorts of kitchen designs are relatively warm, graceful and provide an aesthetic look. The dark wood ceiling is ideal for getting an eye-captivating appearance in the backyard.

Consider incorporating white textured flooring materials and stone walls with a southern charm design. Thinking about what type of dining set will look good with this kitchen setup? Simply, opt for buying curved iron-footed tables, elegant chairs, and antique lighting fixtures for creating a remarkable look.


Think, Make a Plan and Decorate the Outdoor Kitchen!

Hold on! That wasn’t the end! Many essentials are still left out that can be ideal for the outdoor kitchen setup. You should a chiller trough near the outdoor dining table and enjoy having cold drinks amidst the summer.

Want to increase the space of the outdoor kitchen? Then, install a curved pergola and turn the unbearable warm summer afternoon enjoyable. Get additional protection and evoke the charm of the outdoor space by adding string lights. You can always hire an interior designer and change the outdoor kitchen look, any time.

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