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Hotel Interior Design & Renovation Designing a dream space is now easier than ever. Connect with us and we'll take care of the complete hotel project from planning to execution. Enquire Now
Custom Built Furniture Can't find a modular solution that suits your requirements? Get it customised! Speak to us and create one that is tailor-made for your space. Enquire Now
Hotel Interior Decoration Decorating your space? Our experts can help furnish your entire hotel. Select from our wide range of furniture and decor catalogue. Enquire Now
Design To Delivery, And Everything In Between
Transparent Pricing, Flexible Payment Schedule
India’s Largest Catalogue Of Top Quality Products
Collaborate With Designers Talk to our designer about your needs, likes, dislikes, preferences, budgets and hotel aspirations.
Execution Watch your ideas come to life! Close designs, timelines, costs and manage your project. It’s hassle-free!
Delivery & Installation Our in-house team will deliver your project to the highest standards, so you can sit back and relax.

Discuss your requirements and preferences in detail, to optimise your space and get a preliminary idea about how your space will look.

Material Selection

Find the right materials to suit your budget and style preference, with the help of an expert consultant. All materials come with warranties and competitive pricing.

Detailed Design

Receive execution-ready drawings based on your feedback and preferences, along with a BOQ with complete details of your project scope.

Final Execution & Project Management

Get detailed timeline and delivery schedules before your site execution begins. Complete project management with expert supervision and stringent quality checks at every step.

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We do everything to help you create a Hotel you'll truly love, from start to finish
Re-imagining Guest Experience

From space design and planning, material selection, on-site execution, delivery and installation to project management - our interior design experts, world-class brand tie-ups and proficient execution team will help you at every step.


Our expert Bespoke consultant will guide you at every step, keep your project running smoothly and make sure you achieve your hotel goals.

Regular Updates & Reports
Single Point Of Contact
Timely Delivery

Be it doing up your entire hotel or giving a room a new look, you can count on us to help you with your furniture and decor shopping. From putting together a look to product selection, delivery & installation, and post-purchase warranty, our in-house experts have your back.

Space Planning
Our Studio
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" Luxury must be Comfortable otherwise it is not Luxury- Coco Chanel".

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Lakdi manufacture furnishings and furniture for the hotel leisure industry. With years of experience and knowledge of providing hotel interior design and furniture for several hotels, we provide superior products to your hotel. We provide a mixture of greater contract furniture and solutions, providing the style, quality, and good value furniture that hotel deserve from prominent manufacturers. We stand out amongst the league of best in class service providers for hotel interior design covering luxury hotels, restaurants, bar/pub/discotheque, banquets, and resorts.

Luxury Furniture For Your Hotels:

We are immensely proud to introduce exclusive hotel bedroom furniture varying with different choices of finish, style, and handle options, for different budgets. This involves touching traditional with the latest twist. We make exceptional dressing tables, hotel headboards, or writing desks to wardrobes or hotel luggage chests for luxury hotels, bars, resorts and banquets as per your need. We use processes and materials to execute this, which involve real wood veneers, solid edged with hardy laminate skins and contract polish. Furniture in the hotel has to be stylish and functional but also fit for purpose. These furnishings of the hotel are exclusively crafted to be enduring and also allow low maintenance, is easy and quick to clean means they are full house-keeping cordial. We involve drawer runners and hinges as well as fabrics and upholstery; the majority is made here. If you desire to formalize or enhance a reception arena, then we have lots of amazing value drop in desks for reception or amazingly designed, to provide you the individual reception you desire. Our professionals can exclusively craft small one-off pieces for internet or coffee stations or runs of hotel bedside cabinets.

Enhance Your Hotel Arena With Our Services:

We desire to provide you the ability to offer something unique to your visitors that compute to the experience of their entire stay, at the same time adding amazing value to your workspace by allowing owners of the hotel, to show-case interiors to their potential and acknowledge their industry value.

We provide our services for hotel interior design to the below-mentioned divisions:

Luxury Hotels: 

Hotel Interior design, while maintaining a high profile of guests.


The ambiance is the main priority so that the guests can feel comfortable.

Bar/ Pub/ Discotheque:

Proper use of ">space and enough room for the people to sit or dance while enjoying the drinks.


Space is used in a way that has enough space to accommodate enough people and space for the stage, restrooms and some rooms.


Every part of the resort is designed while keeping the connection with nature in mind so that the guests can feel relaxed. Talk with our hotel interior design expert, get the idea & make your hotel simply awesome.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row css=".vc_custom_1515756932117{padding-top: 20px !important;padding-bottom: 15px !important;background-color: #d7ab6c !important;}"][vc_column width="2/3"][vc_column_text]

Are You Looking For Hotel Furniture?

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