Personal Space Automation

“Our specialty is to acclimate personal space-automation.

In this changing era, almost each and every person in a household is either working or studying which makes them away from their house for almost the whole day. After they reach home after a long day it becomes next to impossible to get up and do something as today we depend completely on technology for everything and being away from home for almost whole day, the safety of the house is the matter of concern. You will need to have a good home automation system in your home when you are away from it. Not only in house, offices, hotels, schools and other commercial spaces as well it is required to make sure all the work is done properly. Lakdi provides Hi-Tech Personal Space Automation system as well. We believe in delivering the luxurious facilities to our clients therefore we have introduced this facility which includes climate controls, turn on lights, security cameras, blind controls, phone systems, unlock doors, remote controls and play music in other words we can say that you have a complete control on your fingers. You can control your whole house, schools, offices or hotels with a single button; imagine how easy it will be for you after that long day at work. Space Automation is a new trend that provides ease and comfort. Not only this, it is also a luxury. Through Lakdi you can experience the automation and robotics and can surprise yourself that how smoothly it can transform the way you live. We provide you various other services in home automation system which are as follows:-

Best Home Automation System:

We all know that automation is mainly required in schools, offices and hotels; but these days automation is required in the house as well. It becomes difficult for people to leave home when there is nobody around. Our Company aims to provide the best home automation system that they can have a look in their house; when they are even far away.

24 Hours Security:

We invest so much money on our homes, industries, offices, schools and hotels so it is essential that there should be proper security system. Lakdi helps you with high-tech home automation systems through which you will be able to keep 24 hour check on a particular place.

Theft Protection:

No one can stop thieves from entering your place; but one can see whether their place is safe form them or not. Even if you are not around, through high- tech cameras you can see what is going on at your place.

Remote System:

Here at Lakdi, we have this system automation and robotics through which you can control the whole place with a remote from playing music to turning on lights everything can be controlled merely on your fingers.

Our Specialties:
  • Best in class of Home and Personal Space Automation Systems.
  • Provision for High- tech Systems with 24 Hours Security.
  • Pet-friendly Protection with Indoor & Outdoor Sensors.
  • Theft Protection System with Digital Video Security.
  • Remote Lock System & Additional Resources.