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Product Dimensions:

Length:  73 cm

Width: 47 cm

Height:  115-131 cm

The sauna's origin lies in the healing properties of water, constantly producing therapeutic steam. It supports hair treatment by enhancing the benefits of steam. In the era of permanent waves and hair dyeing, healthy hair is highly desired. Post-hairstyling, the sauna provides specialized care.

Hair care typically involves applying products directly, but water's power can boost effectiveness. The sauna leverages this by facilitating quick, efficient absorption of care substances into the hair.

Its design promotes relaxation, as it doesn't obstruct the client's view or face. The dome lifts vertically, requiring no special storage space. Adjustable body height caters to individual client needs.

The sauna enables the infusion of moisturizing and restorative agents, like argon hair masks and keratin ampoules.

This model is distinguished by the following features:

Two operating modes

> Capacious water tank

> Stable four-star base 

> Built-in timer 

> Stainless steel heating pipe

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