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Whether an airline passenger has a few minutes or several hours before their flight, they’re probably looking for a seat. Ideally, that seat would be comfortable, provide a little personal space and have a power outlet within reach. Lakdi provides all of this and more in check our airport furniture online collection of durable, modern airport furniture.

“We’ve worked with Lakdi for several years.  Thousands of passengers travel through our airport every day and the Lakdi airport lounge seating has by far exceeded our expectations.  Their customer service and quick response time are exceptional.”


There’s no way around the hustle and bustle of an airport: people racing down corridors to catch connecting flights, kids using lounge chairs as dining tables, business people spilling coffee as they discuss meeting plans.

But thanks to the durable and long-lasting construction of our airport furniturechairs, banquettes, and tables—an increasing number of airports are furnishing their terminals, food courts, and common areas with Lakdi.

By design, our furniture can endure it all. We provide a welcome seat every day for thousands of irritated travelers (and their carry-ons). What’s more, our sleek, elegant airport furniture online design instantly makes any terminal look and feel refreshed and modern. Passengers subconsciously appreciate the attention to design and comfort, which makes the stressful experience of air travel more pleasant. They also directly benefit from the increased access to power outlets that our airport furniture collection offers, enabling them to charge phones for communication or power laptops for work.


With decades of experience, we know that there’s no one-size-fits-all for airport furniture. That’s why we prioritize working consistently with your team from design through installation.

Our account management team will first want to learn about the specifics of your airport: size, traffic demands, and other operational details. From there, we assist with planning and concept layouts that build off of traveler flow. Ultimately, we strive to create a solution that works for you—whether that means modifying an existing piece of furniture or creating something new.

To accomplish this, we work closely with various groups within the airport—operations personnel, architects, and designers—to develop unique seating and dining plans. From our conversations and planning sessions, we configure waiting area and dining seating solutions that meet budget and need.


Air travel can get hectic—from the stress of long security lines and connecting flights to the frustration of flight delays and lost luggage. With our airport furniture, your travelers get a welcome place to rest and recharge. And you get the most durable, high-performance furniture design materials that will last for years to come.

Some of our unique, thoughtful seating features include higher backs, privacy panels, and strategically designed armrests. These personal bubble effects make solo travelers feel more at ease in your space, and our solutions are completely customizable. We also offer airport furniture online solutions for dining. Our designs prioritize comfort and personal space to meet the needs of rushing travelers who are careless about cleaning up spills as well as people who use the food court as a satellite office between flights.

And we designed all of this with our clients in mind. We know furniture is a major investment. Our pieces are built to be flexible, tech-responsive, and last for years as they accommodate the millions of travelers who utilize your space.


As most travelers rush through the terminals, they don’t take time to stop and appreciate the aesthetics of the furniture around them. At that moment, functionality comes first. Regardless, we put extensive thought, effort, and research into our airport furniture online designs. The seating and tables need to reflect the terminals in which they live—equal in high quality and design. Additionally, fire safety is a major consideration at airports. This impacts furniture—from the types of materials we use to how we layout the installations. Technology plays a role in our furniture design, too. Millions of business travelers use airports now as remote offices. With that in mind, our furniture can incorporate electricity outlets and some form of desk space, in order to accommodate travelers working on laptops or other mobile devices.

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