Drawing Room Design Ideas

Drawing Room Design Ideas

Commonly referred to as the ‘most open space’ of any home, the drawing room provides the first impression of personality of the person because it is usually the first room one walks into on entering the house. While selecting the alternatives at hand for drawing room décor, one can be extremely creative with all the choices available and showcase their individual and innate style. You can choose from a wide range of styles or be fierce enough to mix things a bit.

How Should You Select the Style for Your drawing Room Interior?

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to drawing room furniture. After all, home décor symbolizes the personality of the homeowner and brings it to life. All of it boils down to the overall vibe or the tone that you want to set for your drawing room décor while considering important factors like space and budget. You can choose from standard styles such as modern, contemporary, minimal etc., or have a little fun by combining two or more styles in your own special way. But beware, not every style can be mixed and matched with the other in a tasteful fashion. For that, you can always consult our professionals, sit back, and let the experts handle it. Firstly, start from scratch. Plan of how YOUR ideal drawing room design should look like. Visualize and reimagine. Letting go old furniture that is outdated, worn out and does not go with your vision. If you don’t want to dispose it off completely, simply repurpose it to other parts of your home.

How should you select the color Scheme for Your Drawing Room Décor?

Now comes the part where you need to decide on the color palette. Choose those colors which you would love to see every day and those which have a calming effect on you. Do your through research from blogs, magazines or simply hire an expert from Lakdi Company to get a fair idea of how your drawing room should look like. Once you have decided in the style and the overall layout, you can start buying the new furniture and other furnishings, starting with the chunkiest pieces- the sofa set and the entertainment center(if you want to include on at all). You can then move on to the smaller player such as curtains, side tables, coffee tables and cabinets etc. This is the most exciting part.

Colors level should be very choosy , many designers swear by the 60-30-10 principle which is quite popular among professionals.

60-30-10 Principle

According to this, you can choose three broad colors your drawing room. It will comprise of 60% primary color, 30% secondary color and 10% accent color. Your primary color includes elements that cover majority of the drawing space, such as the walls and the sofa. Mixtures of color comprises on smaller elements such as the draperies, some small furniture and perhaps an accent wall. And finally comes the accent color that forms the smallest part of the color scheme. This includes artwork, cushions and throw pillows etc.

As already stated, there are no hard and fast rules for home décor, so even this principle can be tweaked according to respective needs and tastes. Just remember, there is no right way to achieve the perfect look for your lounging area.

How Can You Select The Walls Of Your Drawing Room?

As soon as we enter a new space, the floor and the wall décor are the first things that catch our eye. Surface area wise, walls and floor form the largest part of the drawing room and special heed must be paid to these key features while designing as you will come home to relax in your drawing room after a long, hard day at work. Reiterating ‘your way is the right way’, walls can be stylized in a unique fashion. Soft colors or bright and vibrant colors? Monochrome or patterns? The choice is completely yours.

Picking the right wall color is quite a teddy task and half the battle won in the decorating process. The right color can enhance the beauty of your entire drawing room design. Light colors mostly used in smaller rooms because they create an illusion of space. On the other hand, with larger rooms, you can experiment and go wild with dark, bold colors and patterns which are vibrant and give off a hint of drama. However, they must choose carefully so that the color combination complements the drawing room interior in aesthetic and exquisite fashion.

Accent walls are not exactly a new trend but are a sure-shot way to pump class and sophistication along with an Lakdi touch right into your drawing room. They are completely in budget and look absolutely stunning, if executed correctly. The color and/or pattern of the accent wall primarily depend on the color of the other walls. Faux finish walls are a top choice along with metallic and plastered accent walls. Before painting the entire area red, make sure you apply the paint on a patch to get an idea of the final outcome. You can also go with temporary wallpaper on the accent wall. They are cost-effective and very convenient. Wood planks, bricks and tiles can also use instead of paint. Your accent wall doesn’t necessarily have to be fancy or textured. It can be as simple as a dark color wall in an otherwise lightly colored room.

A drawing room décor is incomplete without wall art. Besides picking the right art pieces, their placement is equally (if not more) important. If you are thinking to hang your art above the sofa, then make sure you pick a piece of appropriate dimensions i.e. it should not be too small. As a general rule for reference the piece of art should be about two-thirds the width of the sofa. If you want to hang your art on the side of a window, make sure that there is enough space between the drapes on the window and the wall so that everything looks clean and not cluttered. Wherever the artwork is placed, it should not too high. Remember that the center point of the piece should be at eye level.

Ceilings don’t need to be white, flat and boring. False ceilings are another trend for elegant home décor. They transform the whole look and feel of the room by giving it a fresh, edgy and inimitable demeanor. Size of the room, color of the walls surrounding it and overall style of the drawing room are some of factors on the basis of which you can decide from. You can go for a variety of options such as an all-white false ceiling with LEDs placed in it, or perhaps a ceiling with wooden slabs placed on it to give away an ethereal and cozy appearance. Your false ceiling can also be designed in an asymmetrical, geometric pattern. You can also have your ceiling extend till the floor and let one of your walls stand out of the rest.

How Can You Select The Flooring For Your Drawing Room?

“If you slip, I will be there”, proudly said the floor. With flooring comes a plethora of options that you can choose from. Depending on the overall look and feel of your room, your floor should speak grace, elegance with that special flavor of comfort.

Wooden flooring is the symbol of grace and sophistication. They provide a certain warmth and timelessness to provide an ethereal appeal to your drawing room interior. Wooden floor is and has always been highly popular among designers and homeowners alike because of its beauty and practicality. The value of the house with wooden flooring is very impressive because of its sheer elegance. Although they are a little expensive, cost wise, they are known to last a hundred years, so in a way they prove to be value for money because of their extremely high shelf life. Wooden, due to its organic nature is healthier as compared to other materials.

Drawing room is the central hub of any house and to revamp it in the best possible way, you can consider a carpeted floor. Carpets are traditional and very durable. Merely changing the carpet can transform the entire appearance of your drawing room design. To give your drawing room décor a touch of warmth and familiarity, you can most certainly opt either for a full end to end carpet or a large carpet that allows your room to breathe. Going by the color scheme of your drawing room, you can decide the color that compliments everything else. You can select from a variety of fabrics and dabble around with numerous patterns. Carpets are not all that difficult to maintain and help make your room appear cozy. On the other hand, you can make some elements of your drawing room pop by adding a bright, loud rug that goes with the overall vibe of the room. You can think to go the grey or silver route for a classic but a modern twist.

Cork is an up and next trend in the flooring scene. It is a soft and spongy material that can give your bedroom a luxurious and palatial feel. Cork is filled with tiny air bubbles which provide that relaxing cushion like effect which feels like heaven beneath your feet and insulates the room against both heat and noise. If someone accidently trips or falls, the flooring provides a certain amount of protection. Cork can be used sans guilt because of its relatively eco-friendly, green and renewable nature. Maintenance is hassle free and the anti-microbial, anti-static qualities are an added bonus. Cork, unlike carpets, does not attract hair, dust and other small particles, thus making it easier to clean. Surface of the cork flooring can be refinished periodically to give it a fresh new look. Cork can be relatively expensive and can be prone to scratching and damage because it is a very soft material. If something sharp falls on the floor, it can very well puncture the floor.

Wood laminate-thin layers of wood hard pressed together-is a common alternative to hardwood floors mainly because it can replicate the look of the latter. It is both cost effective and easier to maintain hence can be considered a good option for your drawing room interiors, but at the fact same time, it cannot be refinished, is sometimes prone to slipping and gives a relatively unnatural feel. Laminate flooring is easy to install and easy to clean. You can simply mop with a light, damp cloth or laminate floor cleaner. The need for waxing the floor never arises. Unlike wood, which can dent, laminate flooring is almost impervious to dents and scratches.

These are some of the options that you can think about when choosing the flooring and the above list is certainly not exhaustive. Many other choices are available in the market that you can refer to, with due guidance from the experts. You can consult our top professional while picking out the best possible, most feasible option for your home that brings your imagination to reality.

Home décor can be called a science of its own. It is superbly vast and has many nuances to it. Your drawing room design can be revamped in a variety of styles and designs, based on your selection. Mentioned below are the broad styles that home décor can be distinguished into- Modern and Contemporary.

Described by clean, bold and streamlined lines and simple, neutral colors, modern style have simplicity at its core. Heavy use of accessories is not commonplace in this style and neat and DE cluttered is the norm. White is a popular alternative for people who love to go all modern. Large windows and neutral color themes are a good alternative when you want to style your drawing room interior in a modern way. Heavy furniture is kept at a minimum to ensure that the space does not look cramped. If you are a reader, you can make a small reading area in your drawing room with exposed bookshelves to enhance the décor of the room.

Contemporary is more fluid, with an ability to bend the rules of modern style. Lines are clean and streamlined but can be curved unlike those in modern style. Here, you can also combine different styles with each other. For instance, you can mix metal with wood or glass with stone to give your drawing room a superbly quirky and fun appeal. Paneled partitions and earthy hues can be considered under this style. Designs are playful under this style. Differently colored and shaped rugs and furniture with curves on it can also be given a thought to enhance your entire drawing room design.

First and foremost, India is the land of colors and hence bright, vibrant colors hallmark traditional Indian décor. For an authentic Indian look, make heavy use of wood, in both floor and furniture. You can also go for a wooden ceiling or intricately carved accessories like charpoys, divans, birdcages, armchairs etc. You can place art pieces and handicrafts with elaborate patterns and textures and/or hang huge paintings perhaps brass statues to finish off that desi look.

This is also called ‘simplified modern’ characterized by neutral colors such as shades of brown, grey and beige, simple furnishings and absolutely zero flamboyance to keep the ambience visually soothing. Keep it clean and DE cluttered with minimalism, basically stripping down your drawing room to its bare essentials. Leaving out empty, blank spaces makes way for the observer to focus on the existing decorations in the drawing room. Indian décor involves use of color and minimalism forbids flamboyance. So to help yourself out of this fix, use colors as an accent color.

Associated with the 60s to 90s culture, retro contains elements of concentric circles and check patterns along with a use of prints and bold colors. What goes around, comes around and retro theme is back with a bigger bang than it ever has. Look into retro walls with bold patterns in vibrant colors such as red, indigo, purple etc. along with huge lampshades. Your furniture can be patterned as well. Opt for bold prints like tie and dye or check. Accessories your house with edgy and futuristic wall frames and you can place metal statues and figurines to complement this style.

Rustic has a ‘close to nature’ ring to it by heavily making use of wood and stone. You can pick hand craft artisanal wall hangings made out of silk or other fabrics and low floor seating coupled with bright cushions for that ethnic feel. Candles also speak rustic. Colorful, scented, placed in a candle holder, why stop at one when you can go for all of the above. Go for bold prints (think of tribal too) for the upholstery of your furniture. A wooden foot stool placed in front of a carved wooden arm chair screams ethnic and can look very edgy.

Old is gold is the thumb rule for vintage, particularly the time period from 1920-1960. Huge crystal chandeliers with heavy tasseled drapes and curtains and well-detailed heavy furniture from the heart of vintage décor. You can place a mirror with a curved frame in your drawing room to bring out beautiful dimensions in it. Go for sofa sets that remind you of the old times. You can also hang oversized light bulbs right from the ceiling, in an aesthetic, visually pleasant manner to give your drawing room décor a vintage look.

Eclectic is a little hard to define in a way that it comprises of a Bohemian look with a mixture of different kinds of patterns and shapes. You can hand-pick carved wooden chairs or leather couches and modern center and side tables to achieve this look. Also, since eclectic is all about mixing and matching, you can pick out furniture, with each piece of a different kind. For the flooring, you can go for mosaic, terracotta or even brick tiles for an eclectic drawing room design.

What Are Some Decorating Ideas For A Typical Indian Drawing Room?

India is the land of colors and culture and you can channel this in your drawing room to give it an ethnic touch straight from the motherland.

These are some the top-notch ideas off the top of our heads that can surely spruce up your drawing room and bring out the earthy flavor.

What Are Some Ideas For A Small Drawing Room Design?

Decorating a smaller space can surely be bit of a challenge but that shouldn’t deter anyone from going all in with the creativity.

Hang your curtains way above the window to give an appearance of additional height, thus making the room look bigger. You can also go for curtains and drapes in lighter colors for this very purpose.

How Can You Style Your Drawing Room Interiors On A Budget?

There are numerous ways to deck up your drawing room design even when you are on a tight budget. Not everything good in life has to come at a steep cost, right? You can consider the following pointers for bringing out the soul in your lounge, even if it is on a constrained budget.

Check out drawing room ideas made on budget here

What Are The Latest Trends In Drawing Room Designs?

What’s new in the drawing room interior scene? Don’t worry, we have a quick guide for those in need of the perfect interior design for drawing room.

Where Can You Find Drawing Room Design Solutions?

The dedicated team of professionals (Architects, Interior Designers, Contractors and Wall Painters) which are a part of the Lakdi Company family will make sure that you always have a solution to all your queries about your humble abode. We have curated an Lakdi Company Homes portal showcasing nearly 5000 projects which you can browse for inspiration and finding tailor-made drawing room design ideas for you.

Think of Lakdi The Furniture Company is a one stop solution for all things related to housing plans and house designs.

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