An Essential Guide to Arrange Beautiful and Stylish Living Room

When you reach home after a long day you need that comfortable and cozy place in your house where you can just sit and relax. That place is the living room. It is the place where you can sit with your family and talk about your day. From watching television with your family to organizing parties living room is the place for you. It is that area in your house where you spend most of your time that’s why furniture arrangement and interior should give an attractive and comfortable look to your living room.

Interior decoration should be such that it gives that pleasant feeling as soon as you enter it. If you are considering a good interior design consultant and furniture manufacturing company then Lakdi is the place for you. It is the best interior designer in Delhi who delivers its services throughout India. People are heard saying that decorating a living room is a major task, but it’s not true. You can give a completely different look to your living room just by changing living room furniture and interiors.  Here are some of the basic changes that you can bring in your living room:

Choose The Living Room Furniture:  

Furniture is one of the most important things that are kept in the living room. So one has to be very careful while choosing what kind of living room furniture they want and that depends on the space in the living room and the design. Furniture alone can fill your room as it includes sofas, chairs, center table, and side table. If you are looking for furniture with unique design and perfect finish, then Lakdi is the place for you. Here we provide you with interior decoration ideas and living room furniture at the same time. We provide our customers with the facility of customizing their furniture. We are among the best furniture importers in Delhi.


An arrangement of everything that is present in your living room has a lot of effect on how it looks. You may have very good furniture and excellent interiors, but if everything is not arranged properly it will be of no use. It should be arranged in such a way that it becomes easier for everyone to walk around.  If there is no space to walk around then it will look congested and uncomfortable.


Lighting plays a vital role in making your living room look decent. But lighting should be such that it doesn’t irritate your eyes. Too much light can make your living room very flashy and overdone therefore there should be a perfect balance. Lakdi is not only an interior designer and decorator company, but also provide lights in your interiors according to the requirement. We make sure that there is an accurate amount of light as per the interiors not only this we take all the headaches of fittings as well.

Let the furniture float

This is the most common mistake that everyone makes while arranging their living room. They push their furniture towards the wall, creating a lot of dead space at the center which makes it look empty. At Lakdi we take part in making all the arrangements of your living room furniture so that there is no scope for these minor mistakes.

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