5 Tips for Creating a More Cohesive Living Room

5 Tips for Creating a More Cohesive Living Room 

Are you feeling uninspired with your interior design? Do you need some tasteful parameters to keep your style in place? Discover these amazingly helpful tips for creating a more cohesive living room

Space It Out: Living Room

One of the best ways to create a cohesive but not plainly uniform interior design style is to space out your decorating. This is a vital distinction to remember—a little break in style is what makes the difference between a model home and your lived-in house. You can still coordinate colors, shapes, and styles, but don’t throw your home together within a weekend.

Space out your décor accumulation, so you pick exactly what you want and see what the space needs after living in the incrementally updated areas. You’ll surprise yourself with how often you end up changing your design plans once you live in the space.

Stay Flexible With Trends: Living Room

Your living room today won’t be “in style” twenty, ten, or even five years from now. Stay flexible with the ebb and flow of the dominant styles. While there’s nothing wrong with loving a trend and jumping on the bandwagon, you must remain adaptable. Another tip with trends is to only redecorate small areas and replace décor sparsely. If you completely overhaul your living room every few years, you’ll lose your distinctive style.

Prioritize Your Preference: Living Room

Your living room is just that—where you spend countless hours living your day-to-day. That last thing you want is a room full of décor and furniture that you abhor, haunting you with the flashy beauty of trendiness but leaving you sad that you lack what you truly appreciate. Prioritize your preference when designing your living room. You’ll surprise yourself by how your internal logic and interior design preferences create cohesion without you trying too hard.

Commit to a Color: Living Room

Interior design is about so much more than color, but a common hue across every part of the living room will make for a cohesive space. Your couch, picture frames, and coffee table should all share a background or core color. You can vary the shade and tint, but with a primary color dictating your space, every item will fit with the other.

Keep Materials Consistent: Living Room

While you may not run your hands along every surface, you can visually feel the texture of all the materials in your living room. Keeping your materials consistent will help you make a coherent and cohesive space. Imagine having a leather couch, a velvet armchair, a wooden armoire, and an acrylic coffee table together in the same place—too much textural diversity will clutter your home.

With these five tips for creating a more cohesive living room in your back pocket, you can make the most of your space. Check out our array of wonderful furniture at Smart Furniture today. Our online selection of living room furniture, like our modern media stand, will surely make your design job easier.

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