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Guest bedroom furniture is the most critical part of the interior design of a building. Mindfulness is required to assess how furniture will be integrated into the room environment, it is essential to create beautiful impressions to guests, furniture is designed to fulfill its need to its user. Most room furniture is designed keeping in mind the social, political, and economic influences of the place and the required theme is chosen by interior designer and decision-makers, furniture design reflects the feel of the place sometimes with nostalgic vibes of the past if the theme is of royal past. We at Lakdi - The Furniture Co are branded of doing bedroom furniture work for premium hotels for the last 32 years.

The guest bedroom is the heart of a hotel or a house and fundamentally it defines the core theme of the place, since the guest remains in the room most of the time the bedroom sets are designed in such a way that the guest feels comfortable, it is decorated well to enhance the room feel, the design of the wall, carpet, blackout curtains, upholstery, table lamp, and fresh flowers increases the beauty of the room and the guest feel that he is getting what he has paid for the room if it is a hotel. Lakdi - The Furniture Co of ours has done thousands of premium guest rooms over the past decades to earn the position of one of the chosen companies for doing the furniture for most premium hotel projects.

In a Home/house guest gets an idea of the standard of living by the home decor of the host and gets impressed with the high quality of the furniture and interior decoration of guest room decor the home has several types of rooms and each room is decorated beautifully the two other room in the house gets special attention they are the bedroom sets and living room. Lakdi - The Furniture Co. is always innovating and experimenting with new ideas to give its customer a new and fresh feel with its wide range of newly developed furniture for home and home office.

The premium bedroom decor and living room decor with guest room decor gives the overall experience of the interior decoration feel and the furniture with color palette chosen for the different rooms increases the vibrancy of the place, the choice of vivid colors with a combination of matching furniture and curtains increases the luminance of the place the proper items in the room like lamps and curtains along with matching small articles increases the total feel of the room.

The guest bedroom room is the most important room of the hotel or home, it is where the maximum expenses are done by the owner to ensure the desired results, guest bedroom furniture nowadays is designed to take care of modern day’s technical requirements of time like Home office, foldable furniture, big luggage rack to keep more stuff especially at lockdown periods. Storage requirement has increased in pandemic times, nobody knows if a virus-like Corona or any other virus will again force us to shelter in a home or a hotel so new guest bedroom ideas are considered more storage space and home office setup in their designs. Our Bless wood brand is also making well shelves and office furniture for home seeing the large requirement presently. We have state of art machinery to make precise furniture for home office, wooden shelves, wooden cabinets, tables, and chairs.

We should not forget that the beauty of furniture comes from the sharp edges if it is modular furniture the edge bend should fit perfectly on the side to give professional look to the furniture, the veneer should be pressed properly to the fire and termite resistant plywood to make it strong, durable and good looking board to make furniture, it is known as modular furniture and is often used in the guest room fixed furniture and to make wardrobes and tables, at Lakdi furniture’s we have German machines to take care of the proper finish to get excellent and high quality results of the one of the best available raw material to make the best furniture available in India.

The upholstery is also an important component of guest room furniture, the feel of comfort and affluence comes from the rich upholstery, the subtle or vibrant color plays with the mood of the guest room, interior decorator chooses very carefully the color tones to match with wood furniture tone and the color theme of the guest room, it is said to be the most important deciding factor to make guest room sober or vivid as per the requirement. Also, the high quality foam used in upholstery is very important, different thickness, hardness and another requirement of fire retardant and ultraviolet(UV) ray protection from the sun for outdoor furniture, this type of requirements can be there for making durable furniture, we at Lakdi always use best quality foam for upholstery in furniture.

The ultimate beauty of the guest bedroom furniture comes from the handmade furniture, the details of work, the carvings of wood, the inlay work especially the bone work enhance the beauty of the furniture, it needs a lot of skill and years of experience of the carpenter to make exclusive work of art. These days the carpentry is difficult to get done due to less availability of required labor and people moving towards modular furniture due to cost and saving time. We at Lakdi have a skilled team of carpenters to do every type of work required for good quality handmade furniture especially guest room furniture. The carvings done by hand are unique in every way because the hand is not precise as the machine but the skillful carpenter makes the carving in the wood almost as precise as a CNC machine gives the furniture the required royal look.

Most of the furniture designs in the modern world are governed by European design and the Indian market is always looking for new and innovative furniture or guest room furniture. The customer is looking for new materials, finishes, latest trends, and value for money type of furniture, we at Lakdi made the furniture for export (mostly to USA) and so many 5 star and premium hotels and still are doing projects of topmost premium hotels, it gives an idea to us to follow the latest trends, use the expertise of making the premium furniture and above all make it value for money. So the Guest room furniture required nowadays should be durable, built of quality, have high quality finish, and above all value for money.

These days after the Corona pandemic and the fear of reoccurring, the hospitality industry is passing through the rough patch, and keeping the business viable is challenging for many so in these difficult times the new hotel properties are looking forward to good quality, durable guest room furniture which should be cost-effective also. We at Lakdi - The Furniture Co can supply that required furniture with all the parameters met of the premium hotel at a reasonable cost because of past experience, latest machines, and skilled labor. The genuine material as imported wood and other very good quality material bulk sourcing with keeping our overheads low make us competitive in the market especially of guest room furniture.


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